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Last Night...

I had that feeling..you know the one before your periods come. I woke up and of course they were here..I got up excitedly and inserted Matilda (that's my Diva Cups name!) before work. I honestly didn't feel like I had a period, I could urinate freely, I had no pain and OMG! No leaks! My underwear so far has not one bit of stain on it!!

I just emptied it after work and was actually pleasantly surprised. Not to sound weird but the blood looked really healthy and dare I say kinda nice in colour? It was totally different to my usual horrible clotted and icky tampons. Does that make sense? I hope I don't sound weird.

I'm actually overjoyed to be honest with you. Since my periods started way back at the age of 13, I've had nothing but horror stories to tell regarding 'lady troubles' from getting sent home from school every month from severe sickeness to rashes on my legs, waking up with ruined underwear, getting yeast infections from tampons..time of the month has NOT been a good experience for me.

This has been without a doubt the best period I've ever had. I'm aware its only day one but if this is how its going to be from now on I'm giving all my tampons and towels to my friends. I may even try to convert them because I honestly believe every woman should own one of these. I'm really, really happy....and I just wanted to share that with you guys.

I'll write a proper review come the end of this cycle but ladies..I believe this is the start of something beautiful!!
Tags: divacup, first time use, success stories

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