Holding_On (100ofme) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Size Question

I went back in the memories, but still thought my question was worth asking.    I am thinking about getting a menstrual cup and after reading up on it I think I like the moon cup (uk) the best.   I am 36 and have given birth to two children.   So in theory I should go with the bigger size.   I do not use tampons so I can't compare sizing with that.  However, when I go to my pap exam done I have to have special speculums used.  They have the regular ones and they have the long and skinny ones which is what the doctor has to use for me.  The regular ones are too big and not long enough to find my cervix because my cervix is really far back there.   So does how far back my cervix go make a difference in using a cup and because I have to have the skinny speculum would I still need the bigger size or should I try the smaller size? 
Tags: sizes/size issues

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