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Well, my sample cup arrived today with admirable promptness! I will do a comparison photoshoot probably next weekend, when I'm free during daylight hours. A desk lamp just doesn't quite cut it for nice photos.

The packaging:

The contents:

It is so white my camera had trouble focusing on it against the white paper! It is white white white, and kind of clearish too, not frosted.

So I changed backgrounds. There's a 10p coin for scale there. Sorry, non-Brits.

Now with better focus. You can see the spiral on the stem more clearly, it goes up a bit past the base of the cup which I think is cute :)

It does have measuring lines. They say 7.5ml and 15ml, but I've not measured to see how accurate they are.

The holes, btw, are absolutely tiny and just under the rim.

And one with my hand in just for luck:

I have to say it looks lovely, pretty in a way my Mooncup never was! Although the holes look kind of inconvenient, I've obviously not tried it out so I couldn't say. Since they were kind enough to give me a working cup, maybe I'll give it a go in a few months when I've taken all the photos you guys want (using it would involve cutting off the stem, which seems like a real shame!).
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