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Vaginal Rugae

Since there is no such thing as TMI here, I have a question to pose. I was at the gynecologist last week for a routine pap and exam. I was concern because the texture of my vagina seemed more fleshy recently than in the past. My thoughts went to worrisome things like HPV or herpes. My eyesight is bad enough that I can't hold a mirror up and get a good look at my genitals. So I expressed my concerns to the doctor.

Well, after a few tests to make sure it wasn't HPV, the doctor declared that it was normal vaginal rugae, which is a fancy word for wrinkles. She explained that the older we get, the more fleshy we become. (SIDEBAR: if anyone wants to tap this market, there is not yet a Retin-A or Oil of Olay for vaginal wrinkles. I bet someone could make a fortune). My question to her was could they be increased by use of a menstrual cup.

As I suspected, she had no idea. I haven't been able to find any info out there on the subject, so I pose the question to you all. Has anyone noticed that they are more fleshy or have increased vaginal rugea, or however you want to put it, since using a menstrual cup?

I know that it is not a condition or problem to have such rugae. In fact, I am told that it increases tactile sensation for the penis to have a more wrinkled vagina (ribbed for his pleasure?). But I am curious to know if there is a correlation between the cup and the increased rugae. Thanks, everyone.
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