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Which One Do I Get???? Help!!

Hi everyone!! I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am trying to figure out which menstrual cup to get,There's sooooo many!!!I have kinda been leaning towards either the Lady Cup or the MoonCup, but what is the big difference between them all?? Ain't they all basicly the same?? What abouy the DivaCup? I have herd good and bad about that one. Also, Does anyone who use's a cup have Endrometriousis?? Sorry for spelling it wrong.But yall know what it is,it's where you bleed on the inside too and it's REALLY painful. But anyhoo,I have this condition and most of the time when I use tampons it makes me hurt wrose,so I am wondering if I should even try to use a cup. Please help me!!!
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