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When a friend of mine got pregnant, after running her old silicone cup* through her dishwasher, she gave it to me. I tried it twice & spent approximately two hours each time, being rather uncomfortable before I took it out & went back to my trusty tampons. Mostly, it felt like it was sitting too low in me, especially when I sat down. Before more of you ask: the "tail" or "stem" has already been removed... :)
I have a latex sensitivity, & much prefer tampons to pads. If available, I will purchase Ob over other brands as many feel too "long". I have very light periods & often find that (other than the one "heavy to me" day) a light/regular tampon will last me an entire 8 hours without even coming close to needing to be changed, so it would be particularly happy-making to me to be able to find something more appropriate...

*possibly a DivaCup, but I can't quite remember for sure.
Tags: chafing/irritation, divacup
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