Samalamity (luvsammy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hey everyone! I bought my Diva Cup tonight after reading about it on another community and instantly thinking it would be a great alternative to tampons. I was so excited, I went right out and got one. I was also pointed to this community, so I did a little bit of reading of the front page posts, practiced a few folds, and inserted it. I'm pretty sure I got it inserted properly the FIRST time with the punch down fold. That's the fold that just looked most *comfortable* to me, with no weird angles or edges poking out.

I wasn't sure exactly how to tell if it was inflated properly, so I just stuck my finger up there and felt around for smooth edges (yep!), rotated it a bit, tested the suction, and put on a pad to test for leakage. I've had it in for about 3 hours now, and have had absolutely no pain or other problems.

Oh man...if it's ALWAYS this nice, I KNOW I will never touch another tampon or pad in my life. That is EXCELLENT news!
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