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questionable success.

I bought my Diva around the end of Dec, and tried to use it during my period in Jan. I am expecting my next period in a couple days.

When I first tried it I had some trouble and some pain, ultimately i was not able to use it. I let it go for a bit and didnt stress, and tried to practice a few times without much luck. Tonight I tried again. I was able to insert the cup using the "labia" fold that was posted in the comments of the previous post. I got it in, and even got it to pop open (mostly?). I have not been able to spin it, and I am not sure if there is actually a seal.

I know that practice makes perfect but here is my quandary... I can definitely feel it, and most people report not being able to, also when I stand up or sit down I have a feeling like I have to pee/poo.

I've had it in for about an hour now and I dont predict I'll have a huge problem with removal.

Anyone have any insight?

**Edit 2/8/08: I started yesterday, and used it through the night. No leakage or discomfort! I love it!
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