ever so slightly obsessed (scien) wrote in menstrual_cups,
ever so slightly obsessed

Yet another brand?! Femmecup

What with all the emails I get from discussions in this community, gmail shows me divacup adverts about 75% of the time.

Today, I got a new one!


Nice website. Someone has clearly been reading this community and knows what questions people want answered in the FAQ. UK Company. I am going to phone them up today to ask them if they're manufacturing their own cups or reselling one we're already familiar with.

I'd just like to say...

Guys. This menstrual cup thingy, previously a niche interest in a community of 700 (when I joined). Ohhh I remember the days when the Mooncup was really new and exciting because people were having trouble with the material of the Keeper and the design of the Diva and the Mooncup was the best of both worlds. But it is now taking off in a big way. I've been seeing the membership of this community grow very fast over the past few months to nearly 3000, and now we've got what, seven brands of reusable cup apparently! Most of them fantastic products and companies I am sure.

In 2020 when reusable cups are the norm, you will be able to proudly say you were there from the start. You are all officially old school as of now.

PS Show of hands from anyone who was in this community back in 2003-4? I will have to think of a prize for you!
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