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Tampon vs. Cup induced cramping

So my Mom's initial reaction to menstrual cups were "EWWW", and now I actually have her considering using one! (Trust me, it's a huge thing, because she was totally grossed out about it initially). It was great because on Sunday, we were at Casa Loma and her period caught her unprepared. I finally got to pull one of those "Sorry, I don't use pads and tampons" on her, and it felt wonderful! All I had on me was my Diva, so her and I had to go pad hunting to find her something.

Anyway, I used this as a perfect opportunity to chat with her about the wonderful invention that is menstrual cups. She asked me about cramping, and I told her that if it is cup inflicted, it would go away once her body got used to the cup. Is this true? I was wondering about it afterwards. Turns out she doesn't use tampons because they cause her to cramp, so I'm wondering if the cup will do the same. As much as I want to convert her, I don't want her to waste her money on something that will only cause her pain, and thus, won't use.

Do any of you cramp from tampons? Does that translate to cup cramping to? Let me know your opinions.

Tags: cramps, tampons

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