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Disposable pad, tampon, and cup capacity comparison pics!

Disposable pad, tampon, and cup capacity comparison pics! Here they are! These are my pics of a regular tampon, and a pad 25ml (it seemed to be about what most of the cups held...and it's 5ml less than the lower end of the average amount of blood lost during a period--according to wikipedia) of partially solidified Jello, my small lunette has water in it. It actually had a nice blood-like consistency when I took the pictures, so Jello was definitely a great idea batshua.

I give you fair warning! The pale green of the yummy honeydew melon Jello did not show up well on the pad so I poured out a few milliliters (from the measuring cup) and replaced that with some red Kool-aid...I now realized why red Jello can be used to make Halloween blood--it looks eerily realistic, but rest assured it's only honeydew melon Jello and raspberry Kool-aid

You can see the little hole straight back and how it's covered with water--the water landed right below the brim but it still looked ready to spill. I don't think the smaller lunette could get that full and not leak because the holes would be blocked, but in open air it can...and I know it doesn't have Jello in it, but can you blame me for not wanting to do that?



I actually had to dip the tampon into the Jello to get it to start absorbing it and those little puddles are what the tampon couldn't hold because it was too full. And when I touched it some of the less solid Jello would gush out, it was like an overfull it definitely doesn't stack up to a cup as far as capacity

I was actually impressed with how the pad preformed, it didn't take too long for it to absorb the mix and it puffed up to about a quarter inch thick and felt like a full water balloon from the bottom and when I rolled it up...but the pad can hold as much as and more than a cup

And then just for fun, I decided to take a picture of the back of the pad, because that's where all the Jello went, it sunk straight down, so the top pic is actually a bit misleading

My room smells like honeydew melon...I'm not complaining though...
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