thatsmealright (thatsmealright) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Remember me? I posted about my trip to Austria and wanting a Mooncup. One of my dilemmas was how I would ask my mom. What I ended up doing was sending her an email with the link, then I shouted down the stairs to check her e-mail. She said she'd "seen something like that at Whole Food's before" and would use one herself if she wasn't pretty much through menopause. She actually really liked the idea because she's looking to live a more eco-friendly life in general.

We had a nice talk about girl stuff (something rare for us) and I just ordered my Mooncup. :D I'm super excited!

I plan to get some cloth pads after my Austria trip (I figure those won't be convenient for traveling...scare the crap out of my roommates!)

Next time a band girl asks me what kind of tampon I use (comes up a lot...), I will happily say "I don't use any!" and inform them of cups.

Thank you all so much for your help! This community is amazing. I'll be back after I get it and use it to let you all know how it goes :]

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