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money saved with a cup

I know I am preaching to the choir here, but I just did the calculations on how much money I saved in 2007 with my Diva and thought I'd share for the sake of any investment-minded undecideds. 

I purchased my Diva and used it for a few cycles in 2006, but just for the sake of argument, I'll count it in last year.  Spent:  32USD for the cup, and, 5USD shipping and handling.  (IIRC, I went straight from the company, but I am sure there are even cheaper options out there.)  I also bought one box of Insteads this summer, for $9.19. 

The tampons I used to use are $4.67 a box on  I used about a box and a half every period. 

I get a period every four weeks like clockwork, and at 52 weeks in the year, that's 13 periods. 

Also, I used to go through about a quarter of a package of overnight pads every period - that's 3.25 packages of pads a year.  Pads are $6.17.

So, money I would have spent:
13 periods * $4.67(1.5) in tampons every four weeks = $91.07

$6.17(3) for pads all year = $18.51

$91.07 in tampons + $18.51in pads =$109.58 

And that's not counting sales tax, but that would tack on about $5.50, or the fact that I got a surprise extra period in Europe this summer, which with the exchange rate would have cost even more.

$109.55 - ($9.19 for Insteads, and $37.00 for the Diva) = $63.39 saved even if my Diva had not paid itself back in 2006.

Since it did, by the way, total money saved in 2007?  $100.39.  Money far, far better spent on trivialities such as food, clothing, and a fabulous vacation.  :)
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