Brit (designingdreams) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time user... Diva Love!

Well, I just finished my first period using my divacup! My period was 3 days long (which is usual for me), and it went great... I am SO thrilled with the Diva, I honestly couldn't be happier, unless it did my dishes for me!

I had absolutely NO leaking (not a drop!) and no problems with insertion, removal, or cleaning.

I emptied the cup once in the morning, and once at before bed, and I probably could've gone longer, haha. I would empty it, rinse it with hot water, and clean the little holes out by filling the cup with water, sealing it to my hand, and squeezing, so it forces the water out of the tiny holes. There was absolutely NO scent.

The whole process was easy, and not at all 'gross'. It actually feels a lot cleaner to remove a silicone cup than a bloody tampon string. Now that my cycle is done, I am going to boil my diva in water for a few minutes on the stove to sterilize it.

On the first day, when I emptied it, it was about half full. Everytime after that, it was about a quarter full... I was a little surprised that was it, but I have always had pretty light periods (although I used to have to change tampons pretty frequently because my OB's would slip out when I went to the bathroom).

Insertion was a breeze using the oragami fold, and as soon as it was in, it opened up, and I could 'slide' it up a bit higher into position. Once it was in position, I couldn't feel a thing!

Slight 'normal' period cramping on the first day, and not a thing after.

Seriously, this made my period a BREEZE. I actually forgot I was ON my period for most of it. It's the most amazing thing ever, and I can't believe so many women still fuss with pads and tampons! GET A DIVA!

It is, by far, the best $20 I have ever spent in my life. Plus, it lasts for 10 years... that means about 120 periods, which costs me sixteen cents a period. Before, I was using about 4 tampons a day, which means 12-16 tampons a period. Tampons are about 20 cents a piece, so that is about $3.20 a period.

Over the 10 years I can use my diva, I would have spent $384 on tampons. HOLY COW.

At this point, I really can't see any reason to ever use a tampon or pad again. And I feel really good about all of the chemically bleached cotton that I won't be shoving in my vag, or polluting the Earth with.

Another happy Diva user!! I am definitely going to buy one for my sister. She currently uses Insteads (disposable cups), which I tried, and had leaking and removal issues with.
Tags: activism, first time use

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