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Kind of Freaking out

So I bought my diva, and posted about my dry run a couple of weeks ago. it was the easiest thing ever, I had like, no learning curve. I looked through the tags and didn't find any problems like this.

My period was due five days ago and I am usually anywhere from 8 to 3 days early. 8 days before it was due, I had blood in my panties, so I put it in and it was maybe a quarter full when I took it out five hours later. Not ready to sleep with it in, as it was my first time, I put on a pad. The next morning there was nothing on it. So I was like "okay, no big deal, it was just a bit of spotting". And I waited for my period to come. Four days ago I had a super light pink spot in my panties. Excited to REALLY give the diva a go, I put it in before a really long day where I wouldn't be in a comfortable position to change it. So I left it in for thirteen hours. When I took it out there was some yellowish-white discharge,  with the viscosity of water, and some tiny chunky bits of the same color. Maybe a quarter full. But no blood. Again not really ready for a night of it, I slapped on a pad, and for the past four days I've been wearing a pad, waiting for actual pink spots but getting only discharge. I am never ever EVER late. And there is no possibility of me being pregnant, either. 

I'm really nervous about being late. I mean, if I'd been having unprotected sex, or sex at all at least I could worry my protection failed, but I haven't had sex in several months. Did my diva cup make my period go away? I'm really ready to give this thing a genuine try, and now I am not getting my period.
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