putting the jew in judicial (quackington) wrote in menstrual_cups,
putting the jew in judicial

latex allergy?


So.  I have gone back into the tagged archives and read up on latex allergies developing with use of the Keeper (what I currently use) as well as reading some outside sources. 

I have a quick question that I didn't really see addressed anywhere else:  for those of you who experienced a reaction, was your general pain/discomfort/itchyness internal, external, or both? 

The last couple periods, I ended up with some nasty itchy discomfort but only externally.  I went to the doctor to talk about a possibility of a reaction to the latex and she said that, internally, I was totally fine and healthy and didn't look like I was having any sort of reaction.  But externally, my skin was just really freaking irritated.

My doctor recommended that I go back to tampons for a couple months to see if this problem reoccurs but...I've used tampons or pads or a combination of both since I started bleeding and this has NEVER happened to me.  So.  I've decided to switch to a silicone cup, instead.  I am just curious if my irritation is similar to those who have latex allergies/sensitivities or this is some anomalous development.

Thank you!
Tags: allergies - latex, chafing/irritation
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