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A trip.

I'm new here. I'm sixteen and have been interested in cups since...well, since I heard of them. I did look through the tags/memories and did a search and since this is a fairly specific question, I figured I could go ahead and post it. Here's the scoop:

I'm going to Austria with the school band in late March. I'm going to be on my period when we're there. I won't have access to a bathroom every three hours (which is a necessity on day 2 and 3 lemme tell ya!) because of touring and performances, so tampons aren't really looking too good.

For a while there, I forgot about the option of a cup. It'd work perfect because I'm sharing the room with two other girls and I don't like announcing to the world that "I'm menstruating!" (I know, I know. Embrace it. They're female too). Now that I remembered I think it'd be a great idea, but here's my dilemma:

1. I've got one period left before we go. I know you can do dry runs and what not but that won't show me how it'll work when it comes to leakage. How should I handle this?
2. How do I bring that up with my mom? I know a lot of you are adults so I figured you could help with that.
3. I'd be ordering from How long does the free shipping take? I don't think I'd go for the 15 dollars for three day shipping.'

Either way I will get one eventually but it'd be great to have this under control for my trip.

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