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Ready to try another menstrual cup

So way back in like late August, I bought my first menstrual cup, the DivaCup. It was the one that was most easily accessible to me, being that I live in Canada. I've had at least [based on a period being about five days long] eight to ten periods to get used to it [had like a two and a half month period, and yes, I've never been so grateful for a cup in all of my life]. 

Now, I do like the Diva. My main problems with it is that sometimes, I have a hard time getting it to pop open and seal, which is not good when you have class everyday. Also, for the first two or three days of my period, my cervix sits relatively low [I can feel it without inserting my index finger all the way]. Because the Diva is fairly long, that makes it sit lower than is comfortable for me. I can feel the end of it rubbing against my entrance, which means I either just have to ignore it or consistently push it back up. Even as I sit here, it's doing that to me, and it's driving me fricking crazy.

My period tends to be moderate on day one, heavy on day two and three, and then moderate for day four and five before tapering off to very light for six and sometimes seven.

I don't particularly want a Keeper, neither the latex one or the non-latex one. I was thinking about the Mooncup UK, because I've seen a lot of positive posts about it, but I wasn't sure about the Lunette, either. Whichever one I'll decide on, I'll search for the cheapest version possible. Based on what my problems with the Diva are, can anyone advise me on a second cup?

Tags: buying decisions, chafing/irritation, seal & suction, where to buy
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