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A few questions and fret regarding Mooncup (US/Keeper)

Once I bought my Mooncup (US), I loitered around this community for a while, waiting for the Keeper folks to fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally send it here (it almost missed my next period, haha). I've realized a lot of people do not use the Mooncup (US)... can I ask why? I haven't found any substantial arguments.

I've just finished, as of this morning, my first period using my Mooncup, and it worked amazing. I cut off the entire stem, and it's a little bit more difficult, having to reach in there a little further to get it once I wear it overnight (very, very small 'entrance'.. sorry for TMI). What I had NOT been doing is pinching the cup on the sides to release the suction when taking it out. I never heard any suction release when I was pulling the bugger out. Should I? It takes a while to pry it out of there. I pinch the little stemless "tail" of it with my fingernails to pry it out before I can get a grasp on the cup itself. Is tugging on it without grabbing the sides dangerous, like.. for example, if I were to pull the thing out without grabbing the thing by the sides, what would that do? I have to do that until I can grab at the cup, I absolutely have to because two fingers absolutely won't fit that far up (I'm not a virgin, it's juts a really tiny entrance). Am I supposed to be squeezing the cup or anything?  Are you SUPPOSED to hear some kind of suction release, or is it necessary? I'm just scared I'm taking it out incorrectly, because...

...right now after having worn the thing for four days straight, I feel like it's still in there. I'm scared! Could me not "taking it out" properly have messed up anything in there, or is this normal for your first time? I've had a few nightmares about my vagina, like, really vivid ones, so I was scared about using the menstrual cup to begin with...

I'd read about people cutting the stems off for less irritation... is this not a good idea with the keeper mooncup, or is having to 'grab at it' with your fingernails and pull it out a little before grabbing the cup normal when you've cut off the stem? Is that what the stem is there for to begin with?

Help, am i doin it rite? I am REALLY scared. Am I not built properly for a menstrual cup? I know I'm doing SOMETHING wrong...

Aside from that little fear, and funny feeling in my nether-regions right now like my vagina has turned inside out, I am super satisfied. Didn't have to break out a single pad or tampon during the entire event. I don't have to stop my life for my period now, which I pretty much had to do before (insane periods). Maybe I'm crazy, but I really thought my cramps were less than usual... has anyone else felt that before?

I'm so sorry for the TMI and the questions, I'm just REALLY scared, and I don't really know who to ask about this.

For the record, my mother thinks it's going to "suck my vagina inside out," haha.
Tags: first time use, keeper moon cup, stem length/trimming
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