sham_rock_22 (sham_rock_22) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Or Mooncup UK?

OK, so my sister got a Diva cup a couple weeks ago and she is thrilled with it. She says I have to get one, but the problem is, she uses the nuvaring and has no problems, I tried to use it and it always felt like it was poking out. Does that mean I need a shorter cup? Anyone with similar experiences? The Mooncup UK is about double the cost but if the Diva won't work I don't want to waste the money. I know money shouldn't be a deciding factor, but since I'm 17 and mom still buys tampons, but won't be paying for the cup, it is. Opinions? I'm really hoping someone will tell me that the Diva should be just fine, but if I get a general response that says I should go with the Mooncup, I will.

P.S: The other cups are also an option, but I know for sure that I can easily get these two, which is why I'm focusing mainly on them. If anyone wants to suggest another one, I'm willing to look into it.

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