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So on top of a long tough day, I find out at the end of it that apparently I somehow managed to get a lot of urine in my divacup this morning while rushing around with this and that (don't ask) and it had been in there for like 6 hours and did NOT smell good.


Now I'm all worried about TSS and crap like that. This isn't going to get me sick, is it? On the one hand I figure if the cup is clean now (or even if I put it away and use a pad for a few days) the vagina is self-cleaning and even though it stings a bit now it'll be OK. On the other hand I'm really tired and I can't tell if my sore legs are from standing up and lecturing for three hours or because I'm gonna die die die of TSS. Crap.

Any thoughts/advice? Urine can't be THAT bad for your vagina, can it?

Not a good day.
Tags: health risks, urination
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