Moira (moira_can_bite) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cleaning and travel?

Hello! I checked memories for related entries, but just found general cleaning questions. I just bought a Diva cup last week and am about to try it out for the first time when my period starts this week. However, next Monday I am leaving for a 4-month trip to Madagascar. This is a large part of the reason I bought the Diva cup - I figured having one would be easier than trying to pack enough tampons and way more convenient. My question is: how do I clean the Diva cup in conditions where safe water is relatively hard to come by? I think I'm going to take wipes or something I can wipe it off with after emptying, but I've read that between cycles you're supposed to clean them with soap and water or boil them or something of the super-cleaning sort, and I'm just not sure that I'll have that sort of opportunity. Would just wiping it be enough for between cycles, or should I try to find some soap that I can clean it with? Maybe I'll get there and find that finding enough water to clean with soap and water once a month is easy, but in this pre-travel anxiety time, I'm just wondering if anybody has any suggestions about water-less cleaning.
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