viriduswyvern (viriduswyvern) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Poking holes in your Cup (or lessening uber suction)

I find the suction of my MooncupUK is so strong that it takes 20+ minutes just to release the suction so I can remove it. Not such a convenient thing when I'm working, and it leaves my uterus feeling bruised(I know it's not supposed to go as high as the uterus, but I'm a small woman, and -I guess- accordingly small proportioned inside, if it's fully inside me, it's up against my uterus). I want to widen the holes a bit, to help with the suction, but I obviously don't want to render the cup useless by widening the holes too much. How much would be ok? What can I use to widen it safely?
Tags: removal - painful or problems, seal & suction
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