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Newbie- is it possible that it can rotate inside you???!

 I just received my Diva cup today!  I am on the last day of my period so I decided to give it a try.  After about 10 minutes I successfully got it in.  I noticed right after I got it in and walked back to my bedroom, it began to shift around (almost as if my vagina was placing it where it needed to be placed)lol.  It didn't hurt, and I could barely feel it moving.  I left it in for about 2 hours and I could not feel it at all.
When removing it I had to bear down and pull forcefully but carefully.  I dumped the cup, washed it out and decided to cut the stem just a bit.  I barely cut it.  
I eventually reinserted it and it was much more difficult this time. I tried sitting down and standing and realized that standing is the best option for me. However, as soon as I inserted it, I could literally feel my vagina "sucking" it in again (not painful).  I was a little worried so I put my finger on the stem to feel where it was going(I was hoping it was just going straight up but I noticed it began to turn into the wall of my vagina).  As I was doing this, the stem was sort of turning inside me, which got me thinking perhaps it was begining to literally turn upside down inside me!!??  I panicked and pulled it out .  I reinserted again and the same thing happened.  I am thinking the stem is the only thing from keeping it from completely flipping inside me (maybe??).  I am scared to put it in now with the new barely cut stem.  
Ladies, is it possible that it could actually rotate inside of me???  I searched for similar posts but could not find any.  Has this happened to anyone??  I want to put it in again but I am scared it might flip and I won't be able to pull it out!!

Please help!  :)
Tags: divacup, first time use
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