Regina Phalange (mootilda23) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Regina Phalange

sucessful first time

I posted for the first time a few weeks ago about my dry run. Everyone gave me such great advice. I decided to just not try another dry run. It makes a lot of sense that on your period things will go better. I started my period yesterday afternoon and so I inserted my Diva cup. This took me a few tries and trimmed the stem twice so it was comfortable but I GOT IT! I wore it to the movies with friends and until about 1am. Then I removed it and made a huge It was good though no leaks the whole time at the movies and dinner. I thought well I’ll put a pad on to sleep because as I mentioned before the idea of something inside me will ALWAYS make me uncomfortable. I washed the cup out and was going to let it sit overnight when I thought why not. It was a Friday night and I had no where to be today so I can get up if it really bothers and put on a pad, no sleep really lost. So I put it back in and it went in better than any other time before and I slept for 7 hours with it in. No leaking. I had to push a lot to get it out but it was fine. I still made a big mess but I am feeling confident that will get better in time. So I just wanted to tell everyone about my success. I really like the Diva cup so far. Thank you all again for your advice.
Tags: first time use
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