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I recently moved out of my mom's house and into an apartment in another city with my fiance. I could have sworn that I packed my cup with my cloth pads, which made the trip safely, but alas, when I went looking for it this morning it wasn't there. :(

My first two days of my period are generally pretty heavy, so the cloth pads I have (mostly just pantyliners) weren't going to cut it for 8 hours on my feet at work. I ended up digging up some tampons leftover from my pre-cup days, and my uterus hates me now.

I've barely had cramps at all since switching to the cup - maybe a slight ache a day or two before I start... Using tampons, I was miserable. I am actually planning to spend my day off tomorrow driving (about 2 hours each way) to my mom's house to retrieve my beloved cup. If I can't find it, I'm heading straight to WholeFoods to get a new one!
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