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Newbie with a few questions!

So.  I bought the Moon Cup uk today (since I knew my period would be starting today).  I inserted it perfectly fine (I'm using the origami fold).  Removal is not too bad, except for the very last bit.. I can't seem to fold it small and firm enough, so it kind of pops open and out, rather than me pulling it out carefully myself.. I don't like getting my insides twanged!  Any tips?  It also meant that I sprayed blood on the bathroom floor :/

Also, I'm thinking of using it overnight tonight... But I've read some stories about them getting stuck when people use them overnight??  I'd rather not be in a total panic tomorrow with a cup stuck inside me since I have a Latin exam at noon!

But maybe I'll be fine?  The first time taking it out was a bit difficult, but I used my muscles to push it down a bit and then I was fine... So I'm sure I could do this tomorrow morning.

Anyway gals, I love love love my mooncup!  I've always had problems with tampons and even pads because I have a lot of allergies.  My insides were permanently raw from using tampons... it would take the whole month for me to heal...



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