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Help for a newbie!

Hi, I just recently bought a Lunette, and have been trying it out this period, and have some questions.  I know, I know, it says right on this community to look through the topics to see if your question has already been answered, but the posts all talk about so many issues at once, which makes them hard to look through, and I just have a couple of questions on some certain topics.  Okay, so first of all:

1.  Is it absolutely necessary to wash it with soap every time that you empty it, or is rising it in cold and then hot water enough to clean it?  I don't have any natural soaps in either of my bathrooms, and am not even sure where to buy some, but I would make sure to do a thorough cleaning at the end of my period.

2.  During today when I was wearing my cup, when I walked or otherwise wasn't sitting still, there was a rhythmic soreness, sort of, whenever I moved.  The stem was partially outside of my vagina, was the stem rubbing against the tissue and irritating it when I moved?  At first I was afraid that the rim of the cup was somehow rubbing against me, it almost felt as if my vagina was really dry and going to tear, but later when i took the cup out, I saw that it was still moist.  If the stem was entirely inside me, would this dry, sore feeling not occur?

3.  If the above is the case, I think that I would need to trim the stem because the cup feels more comfortable and is easier to get in lower rather than higher, but I do not know how much.  I am afraid that I will trim the stem too much, and then might have trouble pulling it out, because the stem is a key part in me being able to remove the cup.  Does anyone have any advice on how to trim the stem and how much?

If anyone could answer any of the newbie questions, it would be really helpful!  I really like the idea of menstrual cups, and want to make using one as convenient and as comfortable as possible!
Tags: stem length/trimming, teething troubles
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