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So i lurked here for a little while before i even purchased my diva.  I had never even heard of the cup before, and while doing some research on my extremely painful cycle (cramps were so painful!) i stumbled on some more alternative methods for cycle issues.  Needless to say i wanted to investigate before i went sticking anything strange in my girlie parts...

My periods before the Diva were painful.  All the pads i tried broke my thighs out into an awful rash.  Tampons dried me out and made my cramps 100x worse.  My periods lasted 6 days+.  Fast foward a trip to whole foods and 4 cycles later and you have one super happy Diva girl.  My cramps aren't as bad, i also discovered cloth pads (i make my own, super easy to do), NO MORE DISPOSABLE ANYTHING, i'm saving money and the environment, and my cycle is only 4 days long!!!!

So i guess the only question i have is: does anyone take herbal supplements for their cramps? and if so what?  

Thanks for everything =)
Peace, love, and cookies,
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