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First Experiences

My first time, a funny, and one slight problem.

Well I posted here about my dry runs but now it has come to performance time. I think I must've read through here enough to solve a great many of my questions because I haven't had anywhere near as much difficulty as I had expected. I've been absolutely amazed at the performance of my cup so far and I've made a few discoveries. Mostly, I don't bleed anywhere near as much as I thought I did. I'm 3 days in and the 2nd and 3rd are usually a nightmare but according to the magic cup I've only bled about 45mls tops! And I thought I was a heavy bleeder. I expect less over the next couple of days. I think maybe tampons have something to answer for...

I've had a couple of nasty surprises when I thought the cup had popped but actually hadn't yet. Then it does really sudden. I let out this really wierd yelp of surprise (and a little pain) when this happened and am quite glad I was home alone with no one to hear it! I'm thinking I should maybe widen the holes some. Might allow me to turn it too according to what I've read here because I can't do that.

The only slight problem I've had is a little bit of spotting. I've been wearing a pad as backup until I'm sure I've got the hang of this and its not actual leakage (like, a lot), it's just a few spots of blood on the pad. I'm thinking probably what was too low down to get into the cup as I insert. I've read some suggestions about letting the cup open when just inside to try to help with this but I've tried that and I can't do it. It HURTS. Maybe I'm a bit smaller than some of the others on here (also a virgin if it might make a difference, don't know). Is there anything I can do to solve this and be rid of the pad? I'm becoming fairly confident that it doesn't leak (SO much better than a tampon!) and I want to be rid of those disposable things ASAP. Any suggestions?
Tags: first time use, leakage & spotting

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