Delicious_Revelation (revelation2005) wrote in menstrual_cups,

A song flik for anyone who's into that

Not very good perhaps, but I came up with it just this afternoon. First a bit of background so it'll make more sense. Some people give their cups names. I call mine Lunia Purple, a take off of Lydia Purple which I believe is a song too, but I'm not very famliar with. Lunia because cycles usually take place during lunar months and Purple because it's still in the purple sack it come with. It's sung to the tune of Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles although it only has two verses. Hope you enjoy it:

Lunia Purple, lives in a sack in the lingerie drawer in my room
she'll come out soon
Patiently waiting, knowing that soon she'll be used for five days
it's no passing faze

Oh my lovely Diva,
how would I get along
without my lovely Diva
I won't go back to 'pons

Lunia Purple, out of the drawer and prepared to be put to good use
she'll never refuse
End of my cycle, time to be washed and air dried on the 'sil
reuse her I will

Oh my lovely Diva,
you've given me so much
Thank you, lovely Diva
and I'll see you next month.
Tags: divacup

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