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First Time

So  I finally got the Diva cup. I was very surprised to see that it was much smaller than I had imagined. I'd seen the pictures of the folds before, and a picture where it was sitting on a cd, but somehow it looked bigger online than when I actually bought it. It made me feel much better when I realized how small it really was. Another thing I was surprised by was how flexible it was. I mean, I'd read how people had trouble folding it, but I had no trouble at all. I've already had a dry run. It took me approx. 5 tries before I finally managed to figure out how to insert it. My biggest problem? I was using my left hand! I'm left handed and so I imagined it would be easier as that hand is stronger. But then I was like argh! and I switched to my right hand and it went right in! Maybe it's just the angle my vagina is at, I don't know. Still, that information might be helpful to any other first timers. Anyway, Once I got it in, I couldn't figure out whether or not it had popped open, but I was kind of sore, so I figured I would leave that part of the equation for another day. Then it was time for removal. I'd heard stories about how people worried they'd have to see their doctor to get it out, and they just had such trouble! For me, though, it was a breeze. I know it will be better still on my period. The only thing I'm a little grumbly about was that I couldn't order it online (which I've seen it for $18.00 online), but I had to buy it in a store, which cost me $46.50 with tax. but I don't have a credit card, and my mother refused to buy me one with hers, and I know it'll be worth it, so I went ahead and got it anyway. With nearly fifty dollars of my Christmas money. Oh well. My period is due in about ten days, but it keeps coming early, so I'll probably post about my first *real* experience with it soon!
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