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Monistat and the Diva

Sorry if this question has been asked, but I don't think it has--

I've been battling a minor yi, went to the doctor but they weren't that helpful, all the did was culture it to confirm its yeastiness.   So I made the executive decision to use my cup anyway because I love it and I'm NOT going to wear pads no matter what anyone says, at least not on the heaviest days.  I'm on my cycle now and the flow has slowed down quite a bit, so I decided I should start treating it.  The problem is, I know Monsitat can damage latex, but I'm not sure about silicone?  Has anyone used their silicone cup with Monistat or the like?  BTW, I've already tried more "gentle persuasion" methods like the garlic clove, and eating/inserting tons of acidophilus caps.  So I think it's time to go for the conventional OTC.  Any idea if I can use teh cup without screwing it up?
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