lovelyhostile (lovelyhostile) wrote in menstrual_cups,

genital piercings and other various questions.

haha, fantastic subject I know.
just out of curiosity, would the divacup (or any other menstrual cup, really) interfere with any female genital piercings? hood and such probably wouldnt be a problem, but things like a fourchette or princess albertina could pose a problem, it seems. and what about having sex with a guy who had any piercings down there? you'd obviously have to be careful, but I'm just wondering if anybody has any such insight, haha.

hmm, second question. do any other women around here have trouble pooping with the cup in? that's one thing I've noticed on my last few cycles, I'm able to but not as.. freely as without it in.

oh I swear I had another question, but I seem to have forgotten. .. well, those are the two for now--anybody?
Tags: bowel movements
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