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So I'm on my second cycle using the cup. I was a little shy about talking about it at first, but now I'm so happy with it that I just wanted to join here so I could post about how easy everything was.

I went to Chamberlains and they had Diva Cups so I bought one a few days before my period. I was pretty excited and nervous but I figured the best thing to do was not get too worried or crazy over it once it was in, it seems that over checking is a bad idea. A C-fold was good enough for me, however I was a little unsure at first as to whether or not it was opening since I wasn't used to having my fingers in that region and I have fairly long nails which were kind of hurting me (gross I know).

Anyways, once I got it in it sat fairly low but It was all the way inside. I just went about my business and completely forgot about. I didn't feel it at all, it didn't leak, and I haven't needed to trim the stem. Basically it's perfect and I want to dress it up in a little tuxedo and marry it.

I learned everything about my new cup from this community so I just want to thank you all, the posts here have been super helpful :)
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