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I also have a similar rant to the one below. So, the boy and I decide to go camping and on the way back down from the mountain, I get my period. I decide to just throw in a tampon I had in my bag so I didn't have to deal with washing the cup and I was gross, etc. etc. Tampon=easier when not so sanitary. Anyway, this is like my 3rd or 4th cycle on the cup and last night, even though it seemed sealed, it leaked! All over the place! I woke up this am to a gross bloody mess! It's like my cup is mad at me for using tampons or something! ARGH! It leaked again this am as I've been sitting here checking my email, etc. And it's sealed!!!!!!!! I can't tell if this is happening because I used tampons yesterday and it changed the flow (complicated...I know there's no way that can change your flow, but it's hard to explain and I know what I mean.)  or what. I have never had this problem before, not even when I first started using the Diva cup! I am hating my period and my body and my cup right now and am seriously so frustrated that I am thinking of switching back to tampons. UGH!.

Also, my using a menstrual cup came up in an email with this guy and he responded with "EWWWWWWW!" about using a cup. It was slightly funny because it made me realize how much of a "guy's guy" he was (cause usually, the guys I know wouldn't even blink an eye at me talking about my cycle and my bf and I can have fairly lengthy discussions on the topic), but it also made me slightly annoyed and I really wanted to respond with, "Ok, so tampons...basically huge wads of blood soaked cotton aren't gross?" Seriously, I think using a cup is way less gross because you don't have any bloody cotton balls lying around. All of the blood gets washed away and you're left with..well, nothing.
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