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Hello, community!

Hey, menstrual cuppers! It's a new year (sorta) and we've got new members! It's really nice to see the community acting as a fresh resource for new and existing cup users.

If I could just ask everyone to take a look at the rules, that would be excellent. That includes new and old members. I've been observing some slippage on related topics and gender-neutral language on the part of both new and old members. The main thing is to keep this a civil and welcoming place for all cup users, so thanks for helping with that!

Flex Cup Slim

I bought my Flex Cup, back in July. It is a cup that has a special drawstring that can be pulled, to collapse the cup from the inside. I'm sure some of you might have seen it in CVS, or in advertisement. I bought mine off Amazon.

Anyway, I really liked how comfortable the cup is, but it broke on me today. The end loop tore in half as I was pulling down on it. I then had to fish the cup out with my fingers. What happens then is that I can't really cut the useless part off, because then I'm left with a big hole at the bottom of the cup.

(I hope everyone can see the pic. I'm not on here often and I've forgotten how to use LJ.)

In addition to all of that, I went to Flex cup's Facebook page to let them know. It seems that I am banned there. The only reason I can think of is that women would ask if they could use it with their IUD, they'd say "ask a doctor," and I would turn around and say "they should be fine, but that company is going to cover themselves legally." LOL. So something to keep in mind if you want to deal with them. I would have ordered another cup but that left a bad taste in my mouth. Like I can't even private message then now to complain about my cup.

HELP!! I can't get my menstrual cup to open

I am a 17 year old, active tampon user and i recently bought a 25ml menstrual cup.

I have been practicing some dry runs before my period but ran into some problems.

I can get the cup in without a hitch but
after it's in it will not pop open and instead just collapse in on itself.

I have tried the labia fold, punch down fold, and ⁷/triangle fold and none of these pop open.

I have tried every trick that i have read, relaxing my vagina, pushing it in and out, squeezing it, twisting it even tried to get it to manually open! None of these worked.

I really want my menstrual cup to work out and at this point i just don't know what to do. I feel like I've lost hope in ever getting it to work.

Should i downsize?

Found 'the one'

So I found a cup online a few months back and like all my other cups, I thought I can only really judge after a couple of cycles due to my insides being different with every other cycle.

I've had many issues in the past with cups that are too hard or too flimsy. I've had a very sore vagina to the point I felt like putting cups to rest.

Leaking has also been a major issue for me as I can't just leave my class to run to the bathroom as I'm a teacher.

I read another forum online where another lady left her review of the cup I bought from Women Comforts. The thing that stood out for me was the fact that it's Medical Grade Silicone and that it's a soft but sturdy cup. This is a big deal for me as my vagina seems to be a little sensitive so I got in touch with the lady and asked her some questions about it. 3 hours later and I've ordered mine with a nice discount too!

I can tell you that I'm well impressed that I don't need to be conscious about any leaks or bloody bum as I call it. I don't feel that discomfort either when I'm walking around and it doesn't burn! I use a little coconut oil when I insert it to make it glide in smoothly and I've mastered my personal folding preference. At first I thought it would be too big and studied the cup well before inserting it but it turns out that it holds a lot more fluids whilst not irritating me.

I hope everyone can find their 'one' true cup and never give up! It's an investment we all need to make.
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Can't figure out my RubyCup

Hi everyone!
I've been using my RubyCup for 4 cycles now, and I just can't figure it out. The first try was amazing - no leaks, comfortable and easy. But after that I just can't understand how to use it. I always feel like it fully opened (when I check the rim it seems sealed) but there are leaks all of the time. I've tried different folds method, putting it higher or lower, but it seems like nothing changing. In order to understand my body better I tried to find my cervix - but I can't! I don't know if it's too high or maybe I just don't know how to find it. Either way, I'm not sure I'm placing the cup correctly because of that. On top of that - it seems like some part of my vagina is pushing the cup a little bit and creating a dent, I don't know if it's normal or an issue (and how to fix it).
Please, if anyone has an advice for me I'll be more than greatful! I really need this cup to work for me since we don't not have lots of other brands here in Israel and they're quite expensive. I read every article I could find about it, tried all the tricks and I hope you could give me some new ones.
Today I tried to flip it inside out for the first time - hopefully it will change something.

Wish you all an amazing day in those crazy times :)

(P.S - English is not my first language (nor my second) so I'm sorry about it)

MeLuna Soft variances

Hello everyone,

I am in need of a new cup and am happy with Meluna but considering going back to the soft version. I had a pink small but need a medium now, so I have 2 questions:

1. Is the Soft Medium less or more firm then the Soft Small?

2. Is there a difference in firmness between the Cyan and Pink (in same size)?

If anyone is able to help it is much appreciated :-)

The cup will not go in

Hello everyone, I'm a 19 year-old girl who has never used tampons or menstrual cups before (have never had sex either). I just bought organicup mini size (44mm without stem) for 2-3 weeks ago, and I have been trying it out almost everyday, both dry run and during menstruation. But the thing is I can never get the cup in fully, it doesn't hurt when I push it in, it's just that it will not go in fully, only a half. 

I tried many different folds, different poses, right angle, etc. but there is always like a blockage there. I thought of having really low cervix (I measured my cervix during period and my finger won't go in further than 1 inch-ish, but still I'm not really sure if it really is the cervix or the hymen) so I searched for information online and there are women that have really low cervix but still be able to insert 47mm cups (without stem) without having any problem. It is frustrating not knowing where the problem is, I don't know what to do :((. Please help me if you can. Thank you very much!

cup use with genital warts

Hallo cuppers!

I've had HPV caused genital warts in my vaginal passage and at the entry of my vagina for the last 2 months. I want to know if it is okay to use my menstrual cup on my period with the genital warts. The cup will definitely brush against the warts and be in contact with the warts when it is being inserted and removed. The last 2 months, I used pads but I dislike using pads. But I am not sure if using the menstrual cup will aggravate the warts or cause them to spread more. Would it slow down the healing? I would hate it if any of that happens. If anyone has any suggestions or tips or experiences to share, I would love to hear them. 

Thank you!