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21 February 2015 @ 07:36 pm
Hey, menstrual cuppers! It's a new year (sorta) and we've got new members! It's really nice to see the community acting as a fresh resource for new and existing cup users.

If I could just ask everyone to take a look at the rules, that would be excellent. That includes new and old members. I've been observing some slippage on related topics and gender-neutral language on the part of both new and old members. The main thing is to keep this a civil and welcoming place for all cup users, so thanks for helping with that!
Youtuber Red Herring has come out with a clear video using props to show what is meant by a high or low cervix. https://youtu.be/KNoiRIMAhY0
18 August 2016 @ 03:31 pm
Has anyone ordered a Fleurcup to be shipped to Canada?  Did you have to be taxes or customs when the cup arrived?  I'm debating whether to buy it from their website and risk problems at customs, or order through amazon.ca (a bit more expensive, less likely to get stopped at customs I think).

Thank you!
16 August 2016 @ 04:08 pm
Hey friends,

So I am this close to giving up on menstrual cups. I just can't seem to get them to work.
I started out with a Divacup size 1 and that definitely wasn't a good fit with my average-heavy period. There was constant leaking and the cup would always ride up.
I then switched to a Lunette large because of the wider rim and stiffer material, and that worked sometimes and other times it didn't.
This cycle I have been trying the Lena large and it's kind of the same as the Lunette large. Though, I do like the shape of the Lena better. BUT sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't...
AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING WRONG. I've been trying these for like..a year now.
I insert the cup using the punch-down fold method. That seems to get the cup open the easiest. I rotate the cup a few times then tug the stem slightly to make sure it doesn't move easily. I also swipe my finger around it to make sure its fully open. It always is.
And then, sometimes it leaks after an hour (or less) and sometimes I can go 3-4 hours with absolutely no issue. Sometimes I feel air bubbles right before it leaks. It isn't "residual slobber" either. (Btw, I am 23 and don't have kids and have never had sex. BUT I have a heavier flow the first three days)

I'm this close to giving up on them. I've wanted them to work so badly but it seems like I'll never get the hang of it.
What I do know is that my cervix hangs a bit lower during my period. I can reach it with my finger inserted to about my first knuckle. My cervix doesn't seem tilted in any way; pretty straightforward. Is it possible that these cups I'm using are too long and I should get a shorter one? I may also be pushing it past my cervix?
I don't know. HELP! lol
I posted several times looking for a cup that would work for me. I crush cups easily.

I purchased a Yuuki economic, which worked okay, but I would crush it 4-5 times per cycle so I decided to get a Yuuki classic which works wonderfully. Both cups are in the small size. Overall I'm very satisfied with the Yuuki classic as a daytime cup.

The problem...my cervix dangles. A lot. I have to empty the cup at least once every 3 hours. This makes sleeping impossible without setting an alarm to empty the cup every couple of hours. I got a Luv Ur Body cup (small) which allows me to sleep for about 5 hours, which I can handle, but I can't use it as a daytime cup because it's too soft. I have to very carefully walk from the bathroom to bed when I sleep just to keep it from getting crushed in the short time it takes to get there. I also have to carefully get up out of bed in the morning to prevent it from crushing and leaking. It is also a larger cup which contributes to the crushing, so I don't think a medium Luv Ur Body will work for nighttime.

I'm looking into getting a medium or large-sized cup for a dangly cervix that is very firm, preferably as firm as the Yuuki classic. I considered getting a large Yuuki classic but I worry the shape of the cup won't give me much more capacity.

I'm considering a medium Ruby cup for nighttime. The Lena cup seems like it would help because of the shape and I hear it's very firm.

Any recommendations?
Hello everyone! I am making the move to menstrual cups from pads, and I am extremely grateful for the wealth of information in this community and the supportive atmosphere. I am a grad student on a tight budget, so hoping to get the right cup on my first try.

I checked my cervix position towards the end of my period and found it to be quite high, I had to insert my entire middle finger before I felt it. I am wondering if that was the right time to check it, or should I also check during the beginning of my cycle?

Also, I welcome any suggestions for a first menstrual cup! I am 34, never had any kids, functionally active - I'm not sporty, but I walk a lot and I take dance and jazz classes at least once a week. I am considering either the Lena cup or the Lily cup. Thank you!
Hello all!

I am a new cup user, and while I have researched for months, read tons of entries on this forum, watched youtube videos, etc.. I am still having trouble with my cup. A little background: I am 28 years old and have given birth to one child, which was 10 years ago. I have not had a menstrual period since before my son was born, until last month. After going so long without periods, it felt like the first time again. I went straight to using a cup and did not go back to pads or tampons at all.

Although I used my cup throughout my whole cycle last month and am using it again for this one, I am experiencing quite a few issues. My research led me to purchase a large Lunette, and my problems are as follows:

1. If I insert my cup pointing back toward my tailbone rather than up (as I've read is the correct technique), it tends to sit too low and cause discomfort. The stem sticks out, I feel immense pressure on my bladder, and the cup stays crushed/squished by my pubic bone. Only when I insert tilting the cup slightly back at first, *then up*, does it get "sucked" in by my vagina and fully open. After that, I can't feel it at all while it's in. Could my vaginal canal just be shaped differently than most? Any other insertion techniques that I'm missing for this problem?

2. I have never been able to feel my own cervix with my middle finger at any time of the month, so I've always assumed it sits pretty high. I'm wondering now if I'm just missing it somehow when I'm feeling around in there? Is it possible to go "past" the cervix, and if so, any ideas for how to be sure I find it? I'd really like to start getting a feel for where exactly it's at so I know where it's sitting in relationship to my cup.

3. When I go to remove the cup, I always squeeze the base first and then crawl or slide my fingers up the side so I can grip the whole thing. But whenever I grab my cup near the top and start folding it in for removal, I feel a really sharp pressure/pinching pain. This seems to be the easiest method of breaking the seal and removing the cup, but it's very unpleasant almost every time. Could my cervix be sitting inside the cup and getting pinched by it, or is this something else? I'd really like to get the hang of this and not get scared off, but I tend to be very squeamish about this stuff due to past traumas and this pain/difficulty is taking its toll.

Any and all advice you can give is so appreciated! Or if you think I might just need to try a different cup, I'm very open to recommendations for that. Thank you all!
13 August 2016 @ 02:53 pm
Hi there,

I have only had a couple of successes with my cup. The problem is that I cannot create a vaccum. I know this because when I pull very hard on the stem, the cup comes out. I have had a couple of occasions when this has not happened.

I have read forums and watched videos. I have absolutely no problem inserting the cup. It never pops open fully on its own but by turning the cup and/or pushing on the wall of my vagina, I hear it fill with air and it does feel like it has opened all the way.

It feels comfortable and like it is all good but then when I tug hard on the stem, it comes out.

I have endometriosis and am wondering if this might be a contributing factor, or whether there's some other medical reason why I can't form a seal. Any advice would be great.
07 August 2016 @ 05:09 pm
First time user of any menstrual cup. Insertion I have been able to master. Removal is painful! I am 41 years old and have 1 child. I am a lesbian and my wife and I do not use dildos or wide vibrators. I only share this because of the pain! I have been able to listen for the suction release (learned the hard way!). The pain come after the suction release and actual removal of the cup. I don't care about getting my blood on my hands. I only want it to not be painful when I take the cup completely out. I don't know how to tip it or fold it when it's inside. I have watched videos but the videos are not the proper way the hands/wrists would be when maneuvering down there. I'm using the diva cup size 2. Any advice is welcome!
So I'm almost 100% certain I have my first ever yeast infection. I started my period on the 4th but noticed itchiness a day or two before that. (No other symptoms.) On the night of the 3rd, I was inserting my cup early since I never know exactly when my period's going to show up on the day it's scheduled for. I had to take it out and reinsert for whatever reason and I noticed small chunks of white discharge (perhaps the "cottage cheese" that happens when you get yeast infections?) but thought nothing of it.

Just yesterday, I started to notice every time I took out my cup to empty it, it smelled really awful. Kind of like death and old cheese. Last night I cleaned it with DivaWash as I do every cycle, but I noticed after I cleaned it that the smell was still there. I can smell it as soon as I remove the cup and it's terrible.

I'm definitely going to make an appointment with my doctor regarding the yeast infection, but my concern is the lingering smell in my cup. How do I get rid of it? Also, is there any chance that the yeast infection could somehow linger in my cup even after I clean it with DivaWash or boil it?

I've read about peroxide, rubbing alcohol, vinegar and baking soda and think I might try the alcohol (seemed to be the safest option in terms of how it affects the silicone) and/or the vinegar and baking soda.

What would be the best option to disinfect and get rid of the horrid sharp cheddar cheese smell?

Thank you so much in advance, I know this was totally TMI but your girl needs HELP!
06 August 2016 @ 08:37 pm
Warning: long post and some TMI.(Also I'm not sure how to add a cut, I apologize.)

Well, it took three months of trying, chickening
out, and trying again, but... I got it my cup in painlessly! At first I was so shocked at the fact that I couldn't feel the cup that I wanted to jump for joy, but I ran into a different issue... I could not for the life of me get the stem to stop protruding from my vagina. I tried pushing it up a few times, but it just seemed to slip right back down whenever I stood up. I eventually decided to leave it alone, figuring that if it didn't migrate on its own, I'd trim it later. The stem was rather uncomfortable, I wouldn't necessarily say painful, but it caused a slight burning sensation down there, and each time I bent over or sat down, I would feel a sensation similar to blood leaving my body when I'm wearing a pad... which was one of the last things I wanted to feel with it in. It kept making me think it was leaking, when it really wasn't. Next, my cramps suddenly got a lot worse, which I initially just attributed to me being anxious over using it for the first time. In addition, the cup kept making me feel as if I needed to poo... I'm not sure if I inserted it wrong or what, since I made sure to spin the cup and even wiggle it around for good measure before leaving it alone.

Eventually, after about 20 minutes, the discomfort became so much that I removed the cup... presenting yet another issue. Bearing down did. nothing to help the cup come down, and for a quick moment I panicked over the possibility of the thing suctioning to my cervix. However, I managed to get my middle finger up to the base of the cup to squish it in, but because I couldn't get the cup to move down with my middle finger alone, I used my thumb to grip the body of the cup and pull it down like that (I'm so glad I wasn't using a slick cup). Not a fun experience, but to my credit, removal was pretty clean considering the fact that I never touched the stem.

Shortly after removing the cup, the burning sensation disappeared, and I no longer had that awkward urge to poo. My cramps also returned to their normal level of annoying after a few minutes.

So my questions are, what exactly caused the bathroom urge? I suspected the cup might be too firm, but that didn't add up to me since I'm a fairly active teenager. In addition, would it be a good idea to invest in a slightly longer cup? I thought the long stem would be good enough, but apparently not since bearing down did nothing to help me, and I cannot imagine what I'd do if the thing were to migrate up to depths my thumb couldn't reach. 
06 August 2016 @ 11:41 am
Hi all,

I've been using a large classic MeLuna with a fairly high level of satisfaction for a couple years now but there are a couple of things I wouldn't mind improving on with a second cup. Here's what I'm looking for:

1) At least as much fluid capacity - wouldn't mind a little more as I'm not quite able to go a full day on my heavier days, and I hate having to change it at work. (I still haven't been able to figure out how to consistently empty it without making a mess...) Also, I don't want it to be any shorter - I have the stem on mine and it still sits pretty high. So a little more capacity and length would be great.

2) My MeLuna sometimes leaks overnight before it's full, so there's a seal issue (I have no problems playing sports or at other times during the day).

I was thinking about bumping up to an XL sport MeLuna (hopefully the extra firmness will help with the leaking and the bump in size will keep it from filling so quickly), but am wondering if anyone has suggestions for something else that might also work. I don't have the disposable income to just buy a ton of cups so want to make the best decision possible. I'm open to trying a different brand. I've looked at the size charts and am more interested in hearing other people's personal experience, especially if you've used a MeLuna and other brands.

Hi everyone! I hope I'm doing this right and it ends up in the right community haha

I'm really interested in buying a menstrual cup as I can't wear pads (they irritate me) and usually wear tampons however if my period lasts longer than roughly 2 days it also can start to irritate! So the idea of a menstrual cup is really appealing to me, also the price of Tampons (around £4 ew!) is ridiculous so this also sounds a lot more cost effective in the long run!

I just need some idea in what people believe is the best cup to start with? I'm nineteen and a Virgin. My period only usually last about 2/3 days with the first day being the heaviest but not enough to wear a super tampon or change more than 6-8 hours however can leak sometimes (hope this helps?)

I'm not sure what other information you'll need but please don't hesitate to ask! Any information and helpful tips for a first time user will also be very useful :)

I've also just seen a post about a lady believing that her cup has gotten stuck and she can't get it out! Does this happen often and how would you get it out if you aren't able to reach the cup to get it out! (This worries me!)

Thank you for any help you can give to me,
Love From Me
I put it in last night, and my cervix must have moved up higher overnight or something, because now I can barely reach the tip of the stem with my middle finger. There's no way I can grab it. Bearing down as hard as possible isn't moving it AT ALL so I don't know what to do. I think maybe my cervix is sitting inside it or it's created a seal too strong. Do I need to go to the ER? Can I wait until my cervix moves down or something? Please please help 
30 July 2016 @ 04:18 pm
So I bought the Blossom cup because it had good reviews on Amazon and I could afford it at the time. I am 37 and have not carried a child to term or given birth.
First cycle with the cup was fine, easy no problems. It could stay in for 10 hours before filling up. Second cycle I have had to empty it every 2-3 hours and I even had one time where it had shifted so much I could barely find it. It is leaking some, but not more than a pantyliner can handle unless it gets full before I can empty it. I have tried to position it correctly using several different methods.
I am SEVERLY anemic and so my cycle blood is very watery, but I do have clotting as well. I have a dangly cervix which may be part of the problem. I really want this to work.
Should I get a different brand? What do you all recommend?
30 July 2016 @ 11:25 am
So.. Ive been using menstrual cups for about a year now but i dont really get them yet.
When i first started (Small Lunette)everything was fine and suddenly three months later, what in the beginning would last me 6 hours, lasted me 2. I purchased then a bigger menstrual cup (Ruby Cup 2) but it still doesnt work. Some months it'll last me 6-7 hours on my heaviest day and other months it'll only last me 2-3 which i dont understand.
If i use a tampon it takes the same amount of time to get full no matter the month.
Does someone have a solution? I have the feeling I have a high cervix but also need a high capacity menstrual cup that can definitely last me longer than 2 hours, since thats what a tampon lasts me.
Any ideas please?
Let me first start by saying I tried a menstrual cup a couple of years ago. I got the small Diva cup, but it always leaked so I gave up completely before one cycle was through.

I had my first baby 10 months ago and got my first real period in almost 2 years (thank you breastfeeding!) on Saturday. I put a tampon in and the dry feeling really bugged me out even though it was a light tampon. I remembered seeing the Diva cup at the drug store sitting next to the tampons that I bought and decided to give it another shot. I bought it on Sunday.

Since I had a baby, I went with the size 2. I later realized that I should have done this the first time as I have a heavy flow for days 2 and 3 of my cycle. Anyway, I put my Diva cup in and waited excitedly. After just 30 minutes, I felt a lot of bubbling so I ran to the bathroom to empty it. It was barely half full but my panty liner was soaked through.

Disappointed, I googled why that could be and discovered that I have a low cervix. I turned the Diva inside out but I continued to leak after only about 30 mins. My flow was quite heavy considering it was the first period in a very long time.

Going into day 3, I used a pad overnight just in case and was grateful I did. There was quite a bit on the pad in the morning and the cup was again only half full. I had an important meeting that morning, so decided to use a super tampon since I knew I wouldn't be able to run to the bathroom immediately if I needed to. Again, the dry feeling really irked me.

Determined to make this work, I discovered this site during my research on half-full cups and leaking. I looked into all the different cups and decided to try a large fleur cup. I chose the fleur because it has a high capacity and good reviews for women with low cervixes. I'm pretty sure I actually have a low and dangly cervix. It doesn't hurt that it was only $18 on Amazon.

I chose next day shipping since it was only 3 dollars extra and received my cup on day 4 of my period. It came in an envelope with minimal packaging. I was kind of disappointed that there was no cloth pouch, but that's a minor sacrifice for a good cup.

My first impression was that it felt a lot softer and bendier than my Diva cup. I washed it out and inserted it using a c-fold. It was a bit painful to insert that first time, but I suspect the pain was from the rim on the Diva cup. I haven't had any pain since using the soft fleur cup. It was a little bit harder to open than the Diva, but I managed just fine by pressing against the back vaginal wall a bit. I was able to rotate it 360 degrees and pulled up and down to make sure there was a seal.

My flow had lightened up considerably by this point, so 4 hours later, I went to the bathroom to check it. I noticed very light spotting on my panty liner but the cup was only about a quarter full. I'm thinking maybe residual slobber? Overnight, same thing; minor spotting and a half full cup.

I inserted it again in the morning but I think I was a little lazy about it because I felt wet just an hour later. I took it out and it was less than a quarter full. I rinsed it and reinserted it but this time I also checked to make sure it was sealed around my cervix and not next to it. That was 5 hours ago and so far, no leakage. There was a tiny spot on my panty liner but nothing since.

Overall, I like the fleur cup much better than the diva. I haven't used it on my heavy days yet, but I'm looking forward to trying it next month if my period is regular. I'm still breastfeeding so it's possible this period could be a fluke and I won't get another for a while, but my daughter recently started eating more solids so I have a feeling it will be coming again soon. Is it weird that I'm actually looking forward to my next heavy day?

One of the biggest reasons (other than comfort) for switching to a cup is that it's more environmentally friendly. With that said, I still have been using 3 panty liners a day due to minor spotting. I'm assuming this is residual slobber and hoping that as I get more experienced with my cup it will lessen. If anyone has any tips to combat that, I would be open to trying most anything.

Since coming across this page, I may be coming down with a menstrual cup obsession, ha. I'm thinking my next cup may be a large Lady Cup? I read on here about a page where women trade gently used cups. It might be a good idea to get rid of my Diva since it doesn't work for me. Ironically, it seems that it's the most popular first cup but doesn't work for a lot of women. I don't know if I could get myself to put something in my vagina that another women had used to collect her menstrual blood. Can someone reassure me that it is indeed sanitary?

Also, does anyone have any future cup suggestions for my heavy flow and low/dangly cervix? I really like the softness and capacity of the fleur but I wish it opened a bit easier. Tips to combat the residual slobber would be excellent as well.

Sorry this review is a bit long and riddled with questions. I'm new to LJ so I hope I did this right!

Thanks for reading!
27 July 2016 @ 09:48 am
I bought Instead Softcups because I heard you could have sex with them (I'm not a fan of using a towel underneath while having sex). I've tried but my husband says he hits it and can't get in. I think I put the cup in correctly (aim towards the anus, slide it in like a drawer, push the front in up to "hook" it). What am I doing wrong and how can we have sex with Instead cups?
27 July 2016 @ 10:58 pm
Hey, my fleurcup has been flaking around the rim and in between the ribs around the base. They are small, white flakes that can easily be removed. But they reappear after a while. I'm really concerned. Is it still safe to use?
26 July 2016 @ 06:44 pm
Well here I am again!

Three years ago I bought my mooncup (didn't realise it was so long ago ahh) and had no success... I said I'd try again when I was older and no longer a virgin...

So here we are, and I've just tried inserting the cup again and I couldn't because it made me so nervous!! Aggh! Why can't I get over this??

Any tips?
I'm so aggravated I just want to cry. I bought a Ruby medium cup a few weeks ago and had to wait for my next cycle. Today was the first day of my cycle and I've tried all evening to use my cup without success. I'm 40 with one child. I've watched the videos and read a lot of guides. I'm able to fold it and insert is successfully, sort of horizontal, it pops open completely and the stem sits just inside my vaginal opening. I can rotate it freely all the way around. BUT I can feel it, all the time. I can't stand it and hate it. It's not painful, but I can definitely feel it. I've read a lot of comments that you have to get used to it and after awhile you forget about it, but I honestly don't see how. It's like having a golfball in my vagina, I really don't see how you can not feel it unless you get one that's very soft and squishy. I can't afford to purchase another one so I'm afraid I'm just stuck with this one right now.
Hi friends,

I just saw a medical article recently published in 2015 about a woman who had toxic shock syndrome while wearing a menstrual cup. Scrolling through the comments below the article, there were some people mentioning they have had TSS symptoms while wearing a menstrual cup. One user specifically mentioned it was because despite boiling the cup and cleaning it out, the little suction holes still had dried blood in them which harbored the bacteria. Now I am freaking out a little bit..does anyone know anything about this? Are big brands like DivaCup, MeLuna, and Lunette advertising that cups have no association with TSS when really they're not entirely sure or may?


Also...here is the link to the paper and article

hopefully im making this right! ive never posted on livejournal before (i made an account just for this) but i bought a small ruby cup a few months ago, ive been using it for maybe 2 or 3 months now and no matter what i do it doesnt seem to catch everything. i am SURE it is sealed completely, every time i check its opened completely and every time i remove it i need to break the seal. it does catch most of my blood but sometimes (usually) ill get spotting when i wipe and it will be outside the cup.

another issue ive been having is that it always feels like i have to pee. i already pee a lot as it is (i think i have a small bladder) but it seems to be putting pressure on my bladder and i even have had to remove it completely in order to pee once.

also, no matter how deep i insert it it always seems to end up very close to the entrance of my vagina. i have completely removed the stem because of this and tried inserting it multiple different ways. i usually use the 7 fold. if anyone has any advice for any of these issues i would be so grateful. i really want cups to work for me.

14 July 2016 @ 06:35 pm

Hey all!

I'm really new to cups (haven't even gone through one cycle with them yet) but I am optimistic amd have high hopes.

But I'm looking for advice on how to introduce my little sister to them. She's 13 and a virgin but I think she would be a good fit for using cups. I've got 10 years on her, have a kid, and am very comfortable with my own body. I want to get a few notches on my belt before bringing it up but advice on what to say or if I should wait longer since shes so young? She's only ever used pads as far as I know (that's all my mother has bought her although she's not sheltering by any means).

Thank you in advance!

14 July 2016 @ 04:32 pm
Hi, all!

Here's my situation:

I bought a Meluna classic medium a few months ago. On every cycle there are a few days (of heavier flow) that the cup leaks, even though the cup is fully open and forms a vacuum, and when i remove the cup it's not full.
Could it be that the cup is too soft?
When i insert the cup it never pops open by itself, i need to "help" it to fully open, but once open it does create a vacuum.
Should i purchase an harder cup? I was thinking about getting a Yuuki classic.

Any advice would be helpful.

Thanks :)