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21 February 2015 @ 07:36 pm
Hey, menstrual cuppers! It's a new year (sorta) and we've got new members! It's really nice to see the community acting as a fresh resource for new and existing cup users.

If I could just ask everyone to take a look at the rules, that would be excellent. That includes new and old members. I've been observing some slippage on related topics and gender-neutral language on the part of both new and old members. The main thing is to keep this a civil and welcoming place for all cup users, so thanks for helping with that!
Hiiii, I'm new, 16 years old, and I've been looking at cups since I was 12! Unfortunately my mom doesn't like them and I know my older sister well enough to know she's to squeamish to want to know about them, so i'm more or less left to fend for myself in this category. Basically, I already have a Femmecup, but I tried using it once and it popped open when it was halfway in (that was a HORRIBLE experience that made me too paranoid to try cups again for about 2 or so years.) I've since decided that the Femmecup probably wouldn't be for me anyway, and I might sell it or trade it on mc sales someday soon because I'm not using it. Basically, I've been looking for a cup that's kinda long and firm, but not too firm, and I really liked the Lunette, the Diva, and the Yuuki. I bought a Diva and won a Lunette, and I'm going to try them both soon, probably on my next period, now that I'm getting sick of pads again and I'm easing out of my paranoia from the Femmecup incident. (Not to mention I'm taking regents on the days I expect TOM to visit, and I don't want to be distracted in the slightest by the gross, stinging feeling of a pad.)

I also want to get try a Yuuki though. I heard they're among the firmer cups, which is something that appealed to me because I run track at school, and it'd be easier for them to stay open. At the same time, I'm worried it might be too firm? That's why I was looking at the soft Yuuki. Does anyone have some experience with both the Yuuki Soft and the Yuuki Classic? I know it sounds ridiculous, buying 3 cups before trying them, but tbh I just want to get cup spending out of the way because I'm saving up for a ton of other expensive stuff.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for all that exposition >_
24 May 2016 @ 10:29 am
So I have been using the diva cup. Had no problems first few months but now this month it has been leaking.

I know that:
1 - it is open. I run my finger around the inside and it is definitely open up there.
2- my cervix is not outside of it. This was my concern and so I made sure of that.

I do know that there is a lot of air when it pops open. I tried squishing it to remove some air but then it folds together too much and I have to go through the process again. Should I be trying a different cup? For reference I am 31, no children and using a size 2. I am fine with switching to another one if I need to, but since they can be somewhat pricey I figured I would get some advice before I started buying all of them.

Thank you so much!
23 May 2016 @ 10:58 pm
Hello everyone,

I wanted to post here my experience as a first time user of the DivaCup. And...asking for some advice.

I am using it on my period, and so far I've got no issues inserting it. It rides pretty high, to the point where I need to squat down to remove it.
I am not a hundred percent sure how to understand if it's fully open - for now I haven't had any leaks, but my period has been surprisingly light...

Any advice on that would be super welcome.
18 May 2016 @ 08:25 am
When I am sitting and insert the Diva Cup I feel it is significantly far enough back horizontally and fits into place also can rotate smoothly per instructions. But when I stand I can feel the tip right at the vaginal opening even through my panties. When I sit back down I can no longer feel it. Is this normal?
Sometimes people wonder what to do with their old tampons after switching to cups. Here's a neat idea for campers: compact, pre-wrapped tinder. https://youtu.be/0FP4jC7vYng
17 May 2016 @ 01:31 am
Is it just me or does anyone else keeps a journal of how much they shed daily? First time user and I feel it's pretty interesting to notice it's not just blood you're collecting in MC! I'm 48hrs in and I wasn't kidding when I tell my friends I'm a Monster bleeder. Had to clear my MC every 3 hours so far. Leaked a couple of times and I'm still trying to figure out where my cervix actually is. Oh I'm using Freedom Cup size S btw. I'm excited to learn more about my period and I'll work towards a leak-free experience. Can't be so lucky on first cycle right? Wish me luck! 😊
15 May 2016 @ 07:02 pm
Hey! I'm new to this site so excuse me if I make any mistakes in posting and feel free to correct me on anything wrong.

I have recently started to use menstrual cups, with my first purchase being the Mooncup (UK version), but that cup was way too small (capacity and length wise) and I also found the stem and grip rings quite jaggy? (Did anyone else have that problem?) I very quickly realised that it wasn't even close to the cup for me and ended up buying the medium LuvUrBody cup and I've had great success with it so far! No leakage and no problems getting it in or out. But! I have noticed that it is giving me some cramps after it's been in a few hours and I believe this is being caused by it suctioning to my cervix, as when I try to take it out by pushing in the side of the cup by the rim, it's pushing against something and won't fold in.

My question is, am I not letting enough air into the cup once it's in? Or do I need to enlarge the air holes? Or maybe there is another fix to this that I haven't came across yet!
Any help would be great as I am really loving the cup I have and, if I get this solved, then I think it would be absolutely perfect!
14 May 2016 @ 08:35 pm
Hello all! I am new to menstrual cups. I have had the Diva Cup for a few days and most of the time it works great! I did my research and have no leaking during the day. It's awesome! But at night, it fills about half way or a little less (which is normal for me) and still leaks around it for some reason! It doesn't leak much but it's frustrating, and I've made sure it's open correctly and I put it in the same way I do during the day. Anyone else have the same issue or some tips? Thank you :)
14 May 2016 @ 05:59 pm
Hi all!
I have been using cups for more than a year. My first cup was a small lunette, it was very good, but during the heaviest day it can last only 2-2.5 hours. At the same time it would only amount to the second measuring line, so about 2/3. So I think I have dangly cervix, but at the same time my cup tends to ride quite hide and I always have to bear down to remove.
Due to my work I would need a higher capacity cup. I tried a large Meluna, no special feeling on the size, but it feels quite some pressure so maybe it is too firm for me?

So recently I have been looking at Super Jennie, I have seen people comparing to the small one with small Lunette or large Meluna. However, I'd be interested in the large size for the capacity, I hace seen people who had same experience with smaller cups with no problem woth the large SJ. But then some said it's really huge. I don't know the small SJ would buy me more time, as I'll be going on trip of a month to very poor rural country with merely dry latrine, so it'd really ease my mind if I can have at least 4 hours for change.

So is there anyone out here having similar situation, and any suggestions?
13 May 2016 @ 03:08 pm
Hello everyone!

I was happy with my LadyCup L before pregnancy. When my periods came back post partum, I have much heavier flow and much more leaks. Before, I could insert my cup in the morning and forget about it till the evening. Now, I have to change it after a couple hours on my heaviest days. Moreover, after some weird leaks and doing some research, I found my cervix is dangly, so it takes up some space in the cup and it leaks even when there is little blood in it.

Could FemmyCycle be a solution for me? I've read some reviews but I'm still in doubt. I live in Russia. I couldn't find this cup in any local stores, and it will cost $61.68 together with shipping from Amazon. With current exchange rates, this is quite a lot.
I've tried several cups: Diva, Lunette, Femmycycle, and currently Lena. I've had the same issue with all of them, removal is always an ordeal. I bear down and reach for the stem, barely get a hold of it with the tips of my fingernails and pull and pull (losing grip several times from my nail either bending back or just slipperyness) until it feels like the stem is stretched to the point of breaking, fiiiinally get it down low enough for me to grab the base, and painfully pop it out.
It always feels like there's way too much suction. I've read that just squeezing the base is supposed to release suction, but that's never happened. Even if I somehow manage to get a finger up to the rim, I don't feel a suction release until I completely bend the rim inside the cup itself which results in a mess.
Anyway, what am I doing wrong here? I've watched countless videos, read everything I could find, and tried several different cups. I really want to figure this out, please help me :(
11 May 2016 @ 04:01 pm
Hi, It's taken me a while to get back here after experimenting for a few months, but...well...I got the large Fleur after having a small sized Mexican M Cup and at first it seemed good, definitely more comfortable, although seeming big to get in and out. But...it leaks just as badly as the smaller Mexican one. And it seems to leak straight away really, although not absolutely every time. It is seeming not to seal as it makes air sounds on most movements just after I have put it in, no matter what I try. Sometimes lots as I move. In terms of trying to position it properly around my cervix, like a cup and faucet and then below the faucet as had been suggested to me, although i don't entirely get that, really, I feel I can't do much as I can't reach up that far very well. I can't reach my middle finger up far enough to feel my cervix or top of the cup when it is up as far as it can go to check it is fully open, etc., and I can only just reach the bottom of the cup, quite long as it is. So perhaps I have a high cervix. I've read lots of posts, looked at diagrams of the cervix and am assuming I am missing my cervix off to one side, but...if I can't really reach up there I don't know very well how to position it better, I can only kind of play around with its tab and no matter what I do I still get the vaginal farting sounds straight away. I feel quite defeated on this. I so want a menstrual cup to work for me. I like so much about them, but I just can't continue with all this leaking as I got so used for so many years with tampons not to have any at all and don't want to use pads together with the cup. Any suggestions?
Hey there fellow cup users, i'm looking for a solution to issues that im having that i cant seem to find an answer for anywhere! For some background, im currently 18 and have been "attempting" to use a menstrual cup since i was around 13-14. I am not a virgin, but im am currently not sexually active (and probably won't be for awhile) due to a somewhat recent breakup. I got a copper iud awhile back due to having mood issues with all types of hormonal birth control. Lucky enough, i've had no issues with it what so ever and it has not changed my periods significantly (maybe slightly "crampier"). I'd say normally i have a med-high cervix, but on my heavy period days id say i have a low-med cervix. In terms of flow, id say my periods are "normal", whatever that means. It lasts about 5 days all together, and for comparison purposes i could bleed through a super plus tampon within about 4 hours on my heaviest day. I consider my PC muscles fairly normal, i wouldn't say im super "tight" down there but i most certainly have resistance issues with my divacup when trying to get it to pop open.

*optional passage* On that note, there's also a good chance i have PCOS. My doctor has never found actual cysts on my ovaries but i have a lot of symptoms of it. Though she says she isn't quite for sure taking the fact i somehow someway have remotely regular periods, and i've found ways to keep my weight under control. In all honesty i contribute both of those factors to avoiding disposable menstrual products like the plague, and eating low carb and less processed foods (but that's another story). With that being said, my doctor said she thinks im onto something about using reusables only and having regular periods with the PCOS. There's no scientific data to back it up but she said it makes a hell of a lot of sense. This is actually a reason why i'm so hell bent on find a cup (or a method) that works for me. Even if a cup isn't affecting my possible PCOS, i still find them much less harsh on my body in comparison to tampons because i have like a "gushing flow". On my heavy day(s) ill have "heavy moments" in a sense that it'll be heavy for a few hours and then light for a few hours, so i can't exactly use super/super plus tampons because there's no telling if it'll be dry or not when i take it out (eekkk) and it's a leaky mess waiting for me to bleed through. The vaginal dryness alone is the main reason i decided to ditch tampons. On days i can't get a cup to work i just use cloth pads.

Now, for some reason, out of all three cups I've tried, i can't seem to find a cup that just "works"! They all seem to leak one way or another. I've tried three cups so far: the diva cup, the keeper mooncup, and the lunette; all in small sizes.

I started with the diva cup because there was a store about 20 minutes away from me that was carrying it. Anyways id say im thoroughly experienced on how to use a cup (fold, insertion methods, finding cervical position, etc). Name a possible solution and there's a good chance I've already tried it....quite a few times! Even with my lower cervix days, i can honestly say i've had the most success with this cup. I have no idea why but i just feel i can rely on this cup the most (when i can get it to work). I'm unsure if it's because of the capacity and maybe my cervix just sits in this cup or not. It could also be because i spent two years trying to make it work so i have the most experience with it. With that being said, it's hit or miss trying to get that damn thing to open. I don't know what it is about this cup but this thing is just a pain in the butt when trying to insert it. Also, i'd say this cup probably takes the longest to get comfortable. It seems to put quite a bit of pressure on my bladder when i do get it to pop open, not sure why this is taking the fact that the keeper mooncup is much more firm and puts less pressure on my bladder in comparison. In terms of leaking, there was like a 50/50 chance this thing would leak and i would know within the next hour if it was going to. However this cup was the only cup that never overflowed once i inserted it correctly (which i loved). I just felt this cup wasn't the best fit and was a bit too long and that's why i would sometimes get leaks with it.

Next i tried the keeper mooncup. I got this because i thought maybe the stiffer rim would cause the issues i had with the diva, and it did. It popped open immediately and didn't leak no where near as much as the diva. However i felt it caused more issues than the diva. This cup is almost painful to use. I have to bite my lip when this cup opens because i know it's going to hurt like a female dog. This cup buts pressure on my bladder as well, but not as much as the diva, i can usually solve this issu by readjusting. The mooncup is also an over flowing mess on my heavy days. I don't feel this is a cup i can feel secure about using unless it's a lighter day because it will overflow within an hour and a half. I'm pretty for sure my cervix sits in all my cups, so i'd say i have about half the capacity of the cup. I don't have many issues removing even with the stem completely gone, but i feel it's worth mentioning that i don't like using this cup because im afraid of pulling my iud out because i have to pinch the base so hard.

Cup #3 was the lunette. God i really wanted to like this cup! It seemed to be the "goldilocks cup" for everyone who sort of had the same issues as me in terms of leaking. But i can honestly say this has probably been the worst cup i've tried. It does not work, at all. I've been trying to use this cup for about 5 cycles and have persevered to force this cup to work. It's by far the most comfortable cup i've tried, no bladder pressure or issues popping open, and not the slightest bit of cringe when inserting or removing (kind of wish i wouldve tried this cup when i was 13!), but it's about a 1/10 chance that this cup won't leak. When it doesn't i'd say the capacity is sufficient for during the day, and i have to empty it out after about 3 or 4 hours or it'll overflow (like with the mooncup, i get about half the capacity due to my cervix). I've yet to figure out why this cup leaks so freakin much. I'd say it's because im missing my cervix but when i reach up to feel inside my cervix is about 1-1.5 inch past my pubic bone, which is more than enough room for the cup to fit. My only conclusion is that maybe the design of the lunette doesn't work for my body. I feel this cup doesn't create nowhere near as much suction as the diva cup or the mooncup. Even after it's popped open completely and i twist it i just feel the suction isn't nowhere near on par. Also, maybe the rim is effecting the way my cervix fits into the cup, taking that the rim is a tad smaller than the rest of the body. I honestly have no clue because by my experiences with both the diva and the mooncup, the lunette should work perfectly. But when it leaks it's like there's a little bit of blood going in the cup and the rest of the blood is going down the cup. I think my cervix is "dangly", but i dont think it's dangly enough to completely fill up the capacity of my lunette, and i don't think my cup is going past my cervix, but i could be wrong. I've trying feeling past the cup after to insertion to see where my cervix is, but my vaginal muscles just won't call for that and it causes some pain when doing so. I feel it's a possibility that rims that flare a bit just work better with my body, or maybe a cup with a larger rim would create more suction and allow for my cervix to sit into, even though it's going to be "tight fit" so to say. Also, if it was a cervix issue that would mean my diva cup would've never working in the first place, right? As an experienced cup user, im clueless on this one. When i first got it, i was halfway through my cycle and it worked just fine. Though i feel it's worth mentioning that i can use this cup the last 2 days of my cycle with no issues, but that kind of defeats the purpose for me seeing i can wear a light pad my last few days.

Hopefully my 4th cup is my last cup. I'm eyeballing the large ladycup because of the larger rim (and the colors! i didn't realize how much i loved having a colored cup until after my blue lunette), hoping maybe it'll help the issue with leaking due to my cervix sitting in my cups. Also, the stiffer rim and softer body might not put pressure on my bladder. I think the reason this happened with the divacup is because of the actual volume of the cup. Also, it seems the cup pops open for most people fairly easily. I'm also eyeballing the femmecup lite. It's not much of an investment, and like the lady cup it has a stiffer rim and softer body. Though the capacity isn't much higher than the mooncup, so no night time cup use. I looked at the large fleurcup but i think the design of the cup would put pressure on my bladder, and also cause the cup to not open properly like the diva.

Any suggestions what so ever are welcome! Like i said, i feel my situation is totally unique seeing everything i've tried just doesn't work. I also don't think most people start using a cup as early as i did, i do think my body growing a bit more from age 13-18 also could have had a difference in how cups work for me. Also, if anyone has another cup suggestion i'd be more than willing to check it out! I just want this cup to be my last!
05 May 2016 @ 12:50 pm
Hi Everyone!

I stopped using my DC because I had several years of really heavy periods and enormous blood clots. I would have to empty my cup after 2 hours so I just switched back to ultra tampons and doubled up with diaper-like maxi pads. I recently got the clotting and heavy flow under control so want to try my DC again, only I know I have an allergy to silicon grips. The kind that keep knees highs from falling down or cycling sleeves staying up. After wearing those my skin swells then develops a light scar. I've read that the silicon(e) in commercial products is of lower quality so I hope the DC will be fine to resume using.

Now onto my experience with finally lessening my heavy periods, though it may still be too soon to say it's for sure. Next week I will see my gyno so I will ask her several questions and update. To help myself out I changed my diet to semi paleo; less sugar more healthy fats and fiber. Plus because I had become severely anemic, I started taking 1TBS of chlorophyll a day mixed with a teaspoon of maca and raw green powder. Since I've added the maca powder my periods have been lighter with less clots and 3-4 days as opposed to 5-8 days. Took ten weeks.

I know people here have shared having trouble with heavy bleeding and wonder if anyone else has tried maca powder with similar results?

Im just happy to be able to use my cup again or to try a new one, Keeper. Happy to be on the way back to health without anemia and happy to have energy. I also apologize inadvance for not having documentation especially about the maca and only anecdotal evidence for the efficacy of chlorophyll. The last bout I had with anemia was in 2011, I didnt tell my GP that I was taking chlorophyll and she was amazed at how quickly my hemoglobin numbers normalized. After I told her she said to keep doing what I doing.
04 May 2016 @ 11:19 pm
Got an email this week from feminine wear with a promotion for a super Jennie giveaway.

It is now available to buy from them in the uk for £23 in clear or blue.

I would like to try this cup - I like the idea of getting a bit longer between emptying with the much higher capacity although I have no issues with my large fleur and I experienced less capacity with the luv ur body I think because it was longer and took up more space? I have a low dangly cervix.

My question (to those who have this cup) is about the stem. I don't have room for the stem - is it soft enough that it could fold in or can it be removed? The website says it can't be removed but I'm not sure about this.
04 May 2016 @ 05:47 pm
Hello all! I have just recently bought a MeLuna Classic Medium and have been using it on a dry run for a couple weeks. Throughout the whole process, I have yet to get the cup to pop open. I have read through all the different tips and tricks and liked to think I tried almost all of them, but the cup just will not open up for me. I have tried the origami fold, the 7 fold, and the punch down fold as these are the ones I can get in with the most ease, but none of them seem to open once they are inside of me. My cervix is super high, I can not reach it unless I am squatting down. This causes a problem when I try to turn or push the lid of the cup up manually because most times I can not feel the top of the cup or reach two fingers in far enough to rotate the cup. I am at a loss to what to do. I really want to master popping the cup open so that I can use it when my menstrual cycle comes, which should be in a week. Does anyone have any other suggestions???
03 May 2016 @ 04:19 pm
I've been curious about menstrual cups for a few months now but held out on buying one because I had tons of tampons left. Just yesterday I was at Target and actually saw the Diva Cup, Size 1, which was a miracle, because I've never seen it in the store before. So I bought it to finally try it and luckily I am on my period so I can really test drive it. So here is my experience so far.

When I got home I immediately opened the box and read the instructions. They seemed simple enough, so I put the cup in boiling was for 5 min to get all of the factory dust off of it. When it was time to change my tampon I decided to kneel over a towel for my first time inserting it. I tried the punch fold and the origami fold but couldn't quite hold the folds to insert it all the way. I gave up for my first attempt and decided to try it again next time I needed to change my tampon. I got the towel back out and went into position but with the 7 fold this times which was MUCH more successful.

I was honestly surprised it didn't take more tries since it seems people have a hard time getting used to it. It might be because I've only been using tampons for the last 5 years (has my period for 14 years) and had to train myself to relax to use those. I wore the cup over night and there was no leaks or anything. Taking it out is a hassle but I'm sure it'll get easier over time and now can change it over the toilet instead of kneeling over a towel.

For people who want to try the cup just go for it. Remember to relax and have patience because you might get it right away or it'll take you several attempts to feel comfortable with it.
03 May 2016 @ 10:33 pm

I just started using the Organicup on Sunday, and I'm quite happy overall. but I have two issues.

1. It doesn't leak at all during the day, I've worn it to work, for dance class and during workouts, all fine, the longest was 9.5h, no problemo. But I've woken up twice at night now to find my panties looking like a slaughterhouse and the cup not quite full.

What could be the reason that it stays in place with all that activity but doesn't seem to hold at all when I'm asleep?

2. Also, I'm still having trouble with getting the cup out. My vaginal muscles squeeze it quite a bit on the way down, so it goes plop! open when it reaches the outside, and gets blood everywhere, OR to prevent the sudden plop I squeeze it too hard and make it overflow that way.

Any tips on these two things?
03 May 2016 @ 02:50 pm
Hi. I'm new to menstrual cups and recently purchased as smaller size evacup. Almost everything is fine, I love it. Insertion goes well. My issue is that the rim hurts when I remove it. It's better if I stick my fingers up there and kind of c-fold it to make it smaller to remove, but then It spills. I've been looking at the lily cup because it looks like it folds small, the rim looks soft, and it has that spill proof rim. I'm not worried about the length because without the stem it should be just a few millimeters longer than my evacup with the stem, which doesn't bother me. Does this sound like a good troubleshoot?

clarification- It doesn't feel like there's a suction problem, but the popped open rim is to wide and stretches the entrance to my vagina untill it's painful.
01 May 2016 @ 03:12 am
Hello there everyone, I'm a long time lurker but a first time poster. Here's a little background just in case it helps. I'm 25, no children, and I've got PCOS with a heavy period that lasts anywhere from 8-12 days. I've read all of the FAQs and beginner posts like gospel, but I still am having a bit of trouble with a particular aspect. My issue is that my cervix is very high. As in I can't reach it at all normally and can only occasionally just barely touch it (with a LOT of effort) during my period. I also think it moves around, as I've noticed the different angles my cup settles at sometimes when it is working for me. I'm on my third cycle with my large iCare (which has been quite comfortable as far as the stiffness, width, length, and stem go) and while I've mostly gotten the hang of it, I've noticed that there are some days where I must be getting the cup stuck next to my cervix instead of around it. I say that because there will be copious amounts of leakage with little or no blood in the cup. I run my finger around the cup and give it a little half twist to make sure everything is open the best I can, but is there any way I can help to make sure I get my cervix in the cup as well since I can't reach it? Or any pointers to help make sure I'm orienting it right? Or is this just something I'll eventually get the hang of? Thanks in advance for any help!
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Hi just have a quick question...

Bought a Lena L 2 months ago and it works good, the last 3 days.  But it's as though during the first 3-days my vag becomes so loose and/or slippery that there is like, no "wall friction" to hold the seal or something?  During the first 3-days it shifts all over the place, even to the point that it literally flipped upside down one time when I was chasing my 2 and 1/2-year old.  I knew something was "off", so I went to remove it, try to figure out what was going on... and realized I was feeling the lip of the cup instead of the base.

I thought I was just having insertion problems the first day, till it flipped upside down... then I started really wondering if I was "weird" or something.  I figured "This has a huge learning curve right? Cut yourself some slack" so I changed positions for insertion, fold methods, tried going way deep till I felt like I was gonna lose a hand (ha ha), mid-way deep, way shallow (base of cup & tab hanging out side)... but it always ends up tipping sidewise, dumping the contents (because it works for awhile (10-minutes or so) till it goes side wise)...

I'm just wondering if this is normal?? Am I just dealing with residual slobber?  Possibly missing my cervix or partially missing it and there's just so much flow it's allowing things to slip?

I had read through the size charts and other information that kuradi8 has posted a couple times now.  I know that there are larger cup widths, and softer too... am not sure if I should be going bigger, or softer or give it another month or two or doing something different or what??  I like the Lena for the last couple days but its the first ones that are challenging...

Hi all,

I have tried a variety of cups (Mooncup S, MeLuna sport XL, Lena cup S & L, LUB M), but all leak during my period! I am sure I can get a seal, although they do move up in my vagina.

This weekend, while not on my period, I did a small test. I basically took a bath and put the cups in while I was lying in the bath. This way quite some water would be captured by the cups, and I could test whether they were leaking when not on my period. I was amazed to see that all cups (except for the Meluna, which I had sold) performed a great seal. I decided to wear the Lena small for a couple of hours. It sat very low in my vagina, but did not move up at all during those hrs! Also, I experienced no leaks at all! When I removed the cup, it was filled with water to about 2/3rds.

My question is: why do my cups leak, and why do they move up? During my heavy days all cups leak within 5 minutes, and leak badly. It might be my cervix is filling the cup during my period, but I have tried huge cups (I am slim and the MeLuna XL was really too big for me). Or do the cups move past my cervix? My cervix is usually located to the side of my vaginal wall, could this be the issue? And if so, how can I make the cups work?

I was really amazed that none of my cups leaked when I tried them with water this way. I wonder if anyone else has tried the same, and if you have any ideas on how I can stop my cups from leaking during my period.

25 April 2016 @ 10:17 pm
Hello everyone!

New member here, although I've been a lurker for quite a while.

I'm on a quest, as I've said, for my Goldlilocks cup. My first cup was a Lunette Model 1, and while it was a good cup to start with, I found it slightly painful to fold and remove. It also caused my pee stream to be severely weakened, to the point where I had to remove my cup if I wanted to pee properly (which was inconvenient in a public toilet). I then went on to get a Si-Belle Small, in the hopes of lessening my urinary incontinence and have a generally more comfortable time with inserting/removing. I must say the Si-Belle was a big jump in comfort, and I would have called it my Goldlilocks if not for its stem.

I have a low cervix, so I had to cut off both stems for the Lunette and the Si-Belle in order not to feel any discomfort. The Lunette was fine as it has amazing grip rings, but I had to leave the Si-Belle one with its last rung/grip on in order to remove it. It's still manageable, but it's there and I can occasionally feel it shifting around when I cross my legs etc. Do any of you lovely people know of a cup that is as soft as the Si-Belle, with its bell shape and less prominent rim, and yet has the amazing grip rings of a Lunette? That would probably be the perfect cup for me ...

20 April 2016 @ 11:03 am
I am trying to get some help troubleshooting my diva cup. I am on my second month of epic failing! I am going to make sure this post goes where I expect it too, then get to the nitty gritty of my issues!
Thanks for having me.