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21 February 2015 @ 07:36 pm
Hey, menstrual cuppers! It's a new year (sorta) and we've got new members! It's really nice to see the community acting as a fresh resource for new and existing cup users.

If I could just ask everyone to take a look at the rules, that would be excellent. That includes new and old members. I've been observing some slippage on related topics and gender-neutral language on the part of both new and old members. The main thing is to keep this a civil and welcoming place for all cup users, so thanks for helping with that!
After a fair bit of research here, on Reddit, and Precious Stars Pads on youtube, I decided to get a cup. The only one available here is the Diva cup, so I bought that one.

I have been following the Virgin's Guide to Cups for a couple weeks, and like the author of that post I never managed to get more than one finger inside my vagina, but I figured that was fine. I waited until my period started to try inserting the cup itself. However the Diva cup, even folded, seems to be wider than one finger and I'm not managing to get it even partially in. It also doesn't want to stay folded, and it kept popping open and falling on the floor when I'm trying to insert it.

I've seen people respond to other, similar posts with something along the lines of "it's not the cup, it's you - don't get a new cup." I am a virgin, and my hymen seems to be a fairly wide half moon shape, so I understand it may take me a bit longer to get used to the cups, but I'd like to at least try my best. So before I give up on cups entirely or get a new cup, what more should I be doing?
10 February 2016 @ 12:22 pm
This is my third cycle so I'm still learning. The first cycle I didn't get any leakage. Second cycle I had steady leakage. This time, I had no leakage on the first day but steady leakage on the second. (Though cup+thin backup pad is way better than the three diaper like pads I used to wear). I found out on the first day that my cup wasnt popping open (using the punch down fold) so I fiddled with it a little till it opened. The second day I tried the same but though I could make it open, it leaked. I tried using a differemt fold (seven fold), it popped open on its own but still leaked. Am I doing something wrong? Pretty sure my cervix is in the cup as the cup does have a good amount of blood in it when I take it out. 
08 February 2016 @ 10:45 pm
I just got my Sckoon Cup recently after doing research and hearing great things about menstrual cups. I tried inserting it for the first time today and had serious struggles and pain. I am an 18 year old virgin and it just feels like there is no hope for fitting it in. I have the small cup and i basically have tried the supposed smallest folds like the pushdown fold and have had no luck. The C fold is no way no how going to EVER fit and so i keep trying the pushdown fold. I can get the entry point in but as soon as i get to the end where the triangle part sticks up it feels like its stretching too much and I'm scared to keep going. On two separate occasions today i sat down and tried so many times to get it inserted with no luck. I moved positions, switched angles of insertion, and everything i could think of . the one time i almost got it in i couldn't hold it folded anymore and and it popped open and suctioned w half of it hanging out, not having ever been stretched to fit anything but a tampon i have never been in that much pain and u couldn't get it unsuctioned to stop it. I am laying here 40 minutes later and my vagina kills. i am scared to try again but it would be awesome if i could get it to work, i was so excited. Does anyone have any suggestions for me either folding, or in general anything i can do to reach success???
Hi everyone *waves*

So I've spent my entire Sunday researching cup-related topics, been intimately acquianted with the scientific anatomy of my lady parts and felt more than slightly inadquate watching Bree's confident youtube videos. I'm trying my lunette out on it's first ever day today and I wish things were going more to plan. I chose the luntte because it was quite narrow compared to some of the others; I'm 25 and very rarely does anything larger than a tampon go anywhere near me.

Like some others advised, I'd done a "dry run" earlier in the month. The c-fold went brilliantly, did a few squats and rounds of the house to test wearability, had a briefmoment of panic and pain getting the cup out, but then managed to break the seal okay. So this morning I was feeling rather excited about my period for the first time in fifteen years! But as Real Day 1 steadily wore on, I've become more and more upset about the whole thing.

I managed to insert comfortably about 6ish this morning, couldn't hear the telltale "swish" but I didn't really know what I was listening for, so just put a towel down on my bed just in case and went back to sleep okay until 9ish. I kept checking every hour between breakfast and lunch, and was amazed about no leakages! It was beginning to feel like I wasn't on my period at all. But then I wanted to check that I really wasn't overflowing, so took the cup out about lunchtime. It took several tries but I managed it fine and quickly got over the whole murder-scene situation. But then I couldn't get it back in. I tried so many different folds and positions, I ended up in tears by the time I gave up. Never has such a tiny tampon felt so horrid and scratchy!

I tried again in the shower this evening, and managed to get the cup in, but it hurt so much once it was in, I definitely did not get it in the right place. I wondered if it would shift a bit, but no luck. I took it out (I've definitely got the hang of that now thanks to Bree) and had another go. This time I opted for the punch fold and it went in first try with no pain, it popped out just like she said it would, and I heard the swish. I aimed it backwards a bit, not up, and put it in so the little stem just peeks outside. But ten minutes later I had the feeling I constantly needed a wee, so thought that the rim was pushing on my bladder. I took it out again and changed the angle a bit, and pulled it a bit lower this time. But now I can only lie down, not sit or stand comfortably and I have this pressure like someone's pushing on my lower tummy. So I've definitely not got it right.

I think it's got to the point that my lady parts are just so sore and achey that anything would hurt now. I'm feeling kind of sick by the time I've finished writing this, so my beautiful cup is going to have to come out for the night. I don't know anyone in my friendship group or family that use a cup, so sorry for the TMI - I don't have anyone else to talk to! Has anyone got any experience of the same issues, or advice that might help me for tomorrow morning? :(
07 February 2016 @ 12:33 am
First off, hello! I'm new here!
Second, I scrolled through FAQs and tags for an answer but couldn't find one.

I am using a menstrual cup for the first time (Blossom Cup, size small). I am 18 and a virgin. I've mostly used pads for daily wear and tampons for dancing or swimming. I wanted to try a menstrual cup since I'm college dance major, meaning I'm in a leotard all day, running from class to class with no time to completely strip to change a tampon between classes (Plus periods and leotards just don't mix well when tampons ALWAYS leak). I decided to do a dry run (found out later that its MUCH different during menstruation). I managed to get the cup mostly inside with a lot of finagling, but the stem was still sticking out. I figured that was fine proceeded to try and get the cup open. It wouldn't budge! I tried varying folds with the punch down fold working the best. I'm pretty sure the c fold is too wide, as I couldn't get it in. How do I get it to unfold? Is my vagina just too small? Does my cervix have anything to do with anything? I have no idea how to measure it. Any and all help will be appreciated. Thank you!
06 February 2016 @ 10:36 pm

Hello all,
Just wanted to share an experience with you.

I tried a Meluna soft, and a meluna sport, both for swimming/diving and sports. And guess what, the *softer* cup was better!

I feel like with the firmer cup, when I would move, or my pelvic muscles would tense, the cup would stay the same shape even though by bdy moved, and therefore allow air and water in, and it wouldn't create a seal. With the softer cup, it's as if it creates a strong suction, and no mater what position I move in to, because it moves with me, the edges of the cup stay flush with my vaginal walls, and therefore no water or air gets in, no blood gets out.

It's a total pain to pop open because it's so soft, I wouldn't want to deal with that on a daily basis, so i'll only ever wear it for diving. but it seems to work a treat :)
That being said, I better head over to mc_sales to pass on the Meluna Sport that was used for one dive only!

Any body else found the softer cups were better for sports than the firmer sports cups?

06 February 2016 @ 03:02 pm
So my last period I decided I was going to bite the bullet and order my first cup! Today I decided I should have a bit of a 'practice' before my period comes. I inserted the cup and that was pretty easy for me, I don't think it opened properly at first but I easily pulled it out and tried again and it seemed to open fine. Removal was also pretty easy until around my 4th try it just went SO FAR UP! I couldn't get 2 fingers in to pinch the bottom let alone 1 finger to the rim. I don't know if it popped open properly as I don't think the stem was quite directly at the base (could've just made that up in my mind during my freak out but). I'm using the smaller model - I'm 21, still a virgin so obviously never given birth. I was freaked! I was bearing down with all my might and finally got a good enough grip on the stem and worked my way up to pinch the bottom and pull it out but it hurt like hell!
What are some good strategies/methods to make removal easier? I eventually got it out sitting on the toilet (which is how I got it the first few tries) but was squatting like heck before that - that seemed to make it go higher. I was always most comfortable inserting and removing tampons on the toilet could never do that in any other position and have never used a tampon applicator before (been using tampons since I was 12).
I'm so freak by it now - don't know if I want to try again let alone when I get my period!
06 February 2016 @ 11:22 am

Hello All,

There are a few posts about MCs and IUDs but I was wondering if anyone has experience when you combine those two with a low cervix?

I'm hoping to get a copper IUD (paragard / copper T) next month, and i'm a bit worried about how an IUD will go with having a low cervix.

Not only can I feel the tip of my cervix, but I can swirl my finger right around the base of it too. I can't use any cup longer than a small ladycup (without it sticking out below my pelvic muscles), and my cervix sits right inside the cup, with the top of the cup sitting near the base of my cervix.

I've known a few women who've pulled out their IUD accidentally when removing their MC. I wonder if this will be even more likely when having a low cervix. I imagine the IUD string would be right where I'm gripping the cup.

I'm not really sure what my questions is. Just wondering if any others have had experience of this combo (MC, IUD and low cervix). Of course, I'll talk this over with my obgyn next week too.

Any shared experiences welcome :)

04 February 2016 @ 05:32 pm
Hey! When I use my large fleurcup I usually notice small aches and pains that I think is coming from my cervix. I felt around yesterday and noticed that my cervix is really open, like instead of a small indent there's a slit of a considerable length. After that I was super achy and was too afraid to put the cup back in. I have a feeling my cervix might be the same width of my cup or something, and combined with sensitivity it creates pain. Do you have any suggestions for dealing with and resolving this pain, should I get a wider and softer cup? Or are cups just not for me? Please help, I am really disappointed.

Oh I just remembered , I don't think I had the same problems with my small meluna (initially I did but then it was really comfortable and great) but my cervix wasn't that much open then.
01 February 2016 @ 01:11 am
I remember when the Diva Cup came out with all of the commercials and was thinking there was no way in hell that I would use a menstrual cup. Of course then I was just finally using tampons after years of just pads. But looking at the research of cups, watching YouTube reviews, and coming on this community I've decided I want to try one.

The Lunette interests me the most, especially Model 2 but I am open. My cervix sits about at my second knuckle on my middle finger during my period which is about 2in. I do have heavy days where I wear 4-5 tampons and maybe an overnight pad. That lasts about 2-3 days. It gets lighter from there. Also I am 25 and not a virgin although it has been about a year if that even matters.

If you have any recommendations that would be great.
31 January 2016 @ 09:57 am
I'm going to update the Size Charts soon.

If you have a FemmyCycle, please measure the widest point of the body -- in milimeters please.
(I already have rim widths and body lengths.)

Posted to vaginapagina also but have gotten no replies so I thought I'd try here too...

First, background: I've been using a diva cup happily for around six years now (thanks to a lot of help from this community years ago!). For the majority of that time, I've only had to remove it twice a day, never leaked or anything.

Then,a little over a year ago I switched from the Pill to Nexplanon, the bc implant. I had no period for four months and got all excited, but then I started getting regular (monthly) periods again, boo.

Now, the issue: my last few periods have been HELL.super heavy, and my diva just can't keep up. Most of the blood still goes in the cup, and I'm confident that I'm putting it in right after 6 years of doing it, but yet I'm leaking pretty constantly. Even if I empty it every few hours. Now, I'm not sure if this is a diva problem and trying another cup would help, or a medical problem that I should find a doctor for, or if I should just suck it up (i use cloth pantiliners daily anyways for regular discharge). I'm this close to going back to the pill just so I can control my period again (I switched to the implant because I'm pretty sure I never want kids and didn't relish the idea of taking a pill every day forever).

Hey everyone. I have been searching the internet for this question but can't seem to find anyone who relates.

This is my second cycle using the Lunette cup size 1, and I cannot, for the life of me, get this cup to open properly while sitting on the toilet. Although, when I lay on the floor on my back, I can slide it in and it pops open completely on the first try. Yet when on the toilet, I can still feel a dent when I run my finger around it and it never feels sealed. If I think it's good while on the toilet, then I lay down on the floor to make sure, pull my legs up and I hear the whoosh of air signaling its opened completely and sealed.

I have a really high cervix (the cup AND stem pretty much disappear after a while of wearing it). I really don't want this to be my only option of getting it to seal properly as that is really awkward in public or at other people's houses. I've tried angling my body in all kinds of directions on the toilet, but I never hear the "sealing air" sound until I lay on my back.

Any suggestions?
30 January 2016 @ 05:44 pm
Hi! I'm new to menstrual cups and I'm so glad that there are online communities like these to help me out. I made an LJ account specifically to join this community and hopefully get some advice on menstrual cups.

I am using a MeLuna soft small, and I've been using it for the past five days. During the first two days, I had absolutely no problems with it (it was like there was no learning curve at all), but by the third day it started leaking. It's never full when I remove it, though--I'm on birth control and my periods are very, very light.

I am sure it forms a seal because I feel it pop open and I twist it around and stuff, but it still leaks. Thing is, before it starts to leak, I feel something like an air bubble (actually it's more like a queef of sorts). A few minutes after that popping feeling, I would get spots on my underwear. I've been wearing a liner as backup for now.

TL;DR: is it possible for the seal of my cup to break inside of me, causing leaks? Could this be a size issue? A placement issue? A cervix issue??? Am I queefing my cup out of place?????

More about me: I'm 25, sexually active, never had a kid. 166 cm and 53 kg so I'm on the smaller side, but I'm also terribly unfit. I got a soft MeLuna because my urologist said I have a hyperactive bladder and a stiff cup may cause me to pee even more. I also have a retroverted uterus and I have no idea if that affects anything. Cervix is pretty much regular height, doesn't sit low or go up too high--I can feel it well but my entire middle finger has to be in.

Editing to add: it's definitely the slobbery residue type of leaking, looks more like mild spotting more than anything. Wait, I'm not too sure if it really is slobbery residue. There's no blood at all when I wipe before reinserting the cup, but spotting happens (after the weird queef feeling).
29 January 2016 @ 07:43 pm
Ok, my head is spinning from sorting through all of the information on this site and I need help! First time cup buyer here trying to figure out which one to purchase. Over 30, 3 vaginal births, medium to heavy flows, dangly, low cervix. At least I think that’s correct. I can always touch my cervix even at its highest and at its lowest its approximately somewhere around 1 to 1.25 inches in. I can feel up and around the sides of my cervix (esp since having kids) although I’m having troubles determining that length – definitely feels like cervix is on the end of a protrusion – not that the cervix is flush with anything. My flow varies dramatically but when going at strongest can soak through ultra OB tampons (the purple ones no longer sold) that supposedly hold 15-18 grams in an hour or so.

Reading through this site, it appears that if I’ve correctly identified my physical attributes (no small task!), then it looks like I want something with a bell shaped bottom that can accommodate a large flow since more than likely my cervix will dangle into it, displacing some of its volume, but one that can also work with a low cervix. Am I on the right track so far?

If so, then is seems as though the Large Fleurcup, Large SuperJennie and Large LuvUrBody are recommended for their capacity, but I’m not sure how well they work with low cervix? Alternatively, there’s the Femmycycle low cervix model, but I’m a little wary of it because it seems as though the cervix is to rest in the center hole, but my cervix doesn’t always feel as though it is centered in my vagina depending upon if I’m sitting, standing, bending, etc (although perhaps I’m just crazy), so it seems as though trying to keep it centered might be uncomfortable?

Does this sound correct so far? Are there other models you all would recommend?

Thanks so much for any help – I’m so lost as to which one to try it’s pathetic!
29 January 2016 @ 06:00 pm

22, never had kids, quite a high cervix, like mid cycle I cant even reach it so its over 3" high, when I am actually bleeding it drops down some but its still the full length of my longest finger up there.

I have had my meluna classic size medium for about 9 months now and have used it off and on. I love love love the fact that I can just insert it and forget about it for a while but from day one I have always had a problem with it leaking, not much, but then again I dont have a heavy flow, but its still enough to be annoying.
Im wondering if either its not firm enough, it always comes out squished in an oval, although I have soaked it in ice water before inserting it and that didnt help at all.
or if Im just still not getting it up and around my cervix. I always stick my finger up there and try and go all the way around and make sure its open, and that its on my cervix but it NEVER FAILS.

Thinking I either need a firmer cup or a longer cup or I dont really know, which is why Im asking you lovely ladies.

Please help
28 January 2016 @ 08:20 pm
Here is my advice to new users:

Whatever cup you decide on, give it a chance before cup jumping.

To others just starting out I encourage you to stick with it. It's a new experience and takes trial and error practice and patience.

Small steps lead to great gains!

Your First Cycle With Your New Cup

First thing is to just work on inserting and removing the cup while using good hygiene. That's step one, learning how to get the cup inside with no pain. Relaxing is very important. Wash your hands too. My first cycle was basically just figuring out how best to insert using several different folds. Same for removal. Take you time when removing the cup. Relax and don't yank it out. Breathe, bear down and reach up to feel the side of the cup and push one side to release any suction. Continue to bear down as the cup is pushed lower while you are gently pulling the cup down. Try to use one finger to place a slight fold in the cup. That way you are removing the cup similar to how you inserted it...folded. Be happy when you start to get the hang of insertion and removal. Don't worry about placement and leaks right now. Focus on these skills for a few days or longer if needed. My first cycle I inserted and removed about 4 times a day. Try sitting on the toilet and opening your legs wide if need be to insert. Get the cup wet if that helps it glide in. Use water, lube or blood.

After you feel confident about insertion and removal, focus on placement, making sure the cup opens fully and stopping leaks. Again try different folds. I have found 7 fold tends to allow the cup to open easier than a C fold. Now is the time to experiment with perhaps getting the cup in and allowing it to unfold earlier. This may help with any issues of the cup not popping open. Get the tip of the cup past the muscle and release your fingers. The cup may make a whoosing sound as it fills with air and creates a slight suction. I have found that the cup is going to go where it's needed regardless of where I try to aim it. I let it open, bear down a bit to make it ride lower and then relax and the cup moves up into position. I have a higher cervix and it seems to find the correct place to sit. If there are leaks, look at the cup after you take it out. Find out where it is leaking. Down one side? Was it some flow that ran down the side when you were inserting? Looking at the cup will help you figure out why it's leaking. This is also the time to touch the cup after its fully in place and make sure it's opened and not mostly folded. My cup stays a little dented at the bottom because of my pelvic muscles. But there's not leaks so I know the cup is mostly open. You can also try to feel if your cervix is in the cup, and not outside. If the cervix is outside this will cause bigger leaks.

After you have experimented with placement and unfolding, you can now enjoy a leak free period! This is the time to keep track of flow level and hours. Keep the cup in for 3,6,10 hours and check the level each time to gauge your flow. This will help you discover how long you can leave the cup in before it fills. Then when you're out and about you won't have to guess how full your cup is. You'll know from expeimentation. Keep track of the cup level on light, heavy and medium days and make a mental note.

Take it one step at a time and try not to get overwhelmed. Introduce this new method step by step, mastering each piece before you move on. You'll be the master of your domain in no time!
Hello community! I specifically read through the sizing/size tag, as well as the FemmyCycle tag and didn't see my exact question asked yet, so I wanted to create an account and reach out for help.

I read good things and liked the design of the FemmyCycle, so I bought it as my first cup. I liked that I wouldn't have to worry about it opening properly, as this part of using a cup sounds tricky.

This cup does NOT work for me. It is made from a very thick, rigid silicone that is HUGE in any of the folds (c-fold ended up being most successful for me) and was quite painful to insert. Furthermore, once it was in, it rode higher and higher for the few minutes I left it in, to the point that it became VERY hard to locate, let alone put my finger through, the ring tab used to pull it out. I tried inserting it twice, and both times got a bit panicked that I wouldn't be able to take it out. I am not sure where my cervix sits, but since I'm not tall and it does sometimes get hit during intercourse, I never thought that it sits high. However, I do admit that I also dislike applicator-less tampons because they are so short to me.

I am now looking for a long cup that could accommodate a high cervix. However, I don't want it to be large in width or have thick material, as I don't want it to be as painful to insert as this one is. Does such a thing exist? I am 25 and have never had kids. Any help is appreciated.
26 January 2016 @ 10:35 pm

I got my size one Lunette a few weeks ago and used the Virgin's Guide to practice taking it in and out. I seem to be able to get it in best with the seven fold brought all the way to the side so that it's more of a line on a triangle than anything else. I got my period a few days ago but was away and had forgotten my cup, so I tried it for the first time at the tail end of my period.

1. When I put it in, for the first half hour or so I could feel it and it was smooshed up. I had tried to get it to unfold but eventually it sort of took in air and moved up past the opening part of my vagina. Is there a better way to get it open?
2. The tab was sticking out the whole time and irritated my skin, but I used it to help me get it out by anchoring it in my fingers. That makes me afraid to cut it--will I still be able to reach?
3. Trying to get it to release suction was fairly painful like the air was pushing hard against me inside. I followed instructions I read on here and usedmy finger to make a hot dog while holding the tab in my other hand. Is that normal?
4. On a non menstrual cup note, the blood was like brown. Does that just happen at the end of one's period?

Thank you.

26 January 2016 @ 11:26 pm
I posted recently asking for suggestions.... this is my 3rd cup! I ended up buying the large Fleurcup (I was a bit disappointed they were only selling it clear, no colours, but ok).

I was only expecting it to arrive next week... but it got here today! Yay!!! Suddenly I'm anxious to get my period to try it! I already sterilized it... I'm so excited! Excited about my period? This never happened before I started using cups! LOL

One thing I did not expect was for this cup to be super firm.... All reviews I read had it on the softer side of the scale... did they change the firmness after getting rid of the colours!? It is firmer than my InCiclo, I tested them side by side.

I also noticed it has nothing written on the cup itself, my other two cups do (InCiclo has the brand and size, Meluna has the size and "soft" written on the rim).... please tell me I didn't get ripped off and that my cup is an actual authentic Fleurcup! I bought it from a local retailer, but they look legit and professional.
26 January 2016 @ 02:46 pm
I bought a MeLuna Small classic and a Meluna Medium classic in April 2015, overall they are pretty great. I would use the medium cup during my heavier days and then use the small during my lighter days. But I lost the smaller cup at the gym about two months ago so I have only been using the medium cup and towards the end of period it seems that my cervix drops even lower than usual and it almost sticks out of my vagina thus making it a painful experience. The other thing is, that I bike and walk a lot, sometimes this makes my cup leak. I am also starting yoga classes and I like running. Should I move onto a sport cup? My cervix is on the lower side so I am also thinking of getting a shorty cup, but my period can be super heavy. I have a hormone problem that I am currently getting examined for, but the hormone imbalances sometimes cause a watery period. Therefore I was wondering if you all had any suggestions for which cup size and type I should buy next or if there are any brands you recommend. Thank you for your time.

Here is an overview of me:
-heavy (sometimes watery period)
-low cervix
-21 year old non-virgin
22 January 2016 @ 04:52 pm
I hope you guys can enlighten me. I've been using menstrual cups for about two years now. I only own two because I don't come by them easily and I would rather not really have a large collection. Mine are the InCiclo (size A) and the Meluna Soft (size M).

I have a theory that I feel pain on the first day of each cycle because the cup slides up during the day until it touches the cervix. It is only a theory, and I have no idea why the following days are not painful at all (I even forget the cup is inside me). I'm not a medical professional of any kind so I know only basic stuff about my anatomy.

So here's the thing.... I was wondering if you guys had any formed opinions (or knowledge) if size and firmness of the cup can help prevent it from sliding up. It doesn't matter how low I place my cups or how good the seal is, after a few hours they will always slide up. I wanted to buy a new cup. I only know of MeLuna, Lunette and InCiclo selling in Brazil via website. Although the Lunette is more than double the price of the other two and that makes me take a step back, since I can't know if it will work out like I want.

I don't know if I should go wider (thinking it might not touch the cervix as much!? or maybe get stuck before sliding that far up).... should I insist in softer cups? The Meluna Soft is great, but I can't get a good seal with it... it might be the size (M), or the softness... I'm not sure... It's so hard to know when I've only ever tried two cups!

Looking forward to opinions and experiences.... and if you know of other cups that sell online in Brazil, let me know... I live in Rio, thank you.
21 January 2016 @ 12:04 pm
Help! Need suggestions on which cup I should try next.

I have a strong pelvic floor, medium-high cervix, regular flow, no kids. I tried the Lily Cup but it leaked so I tried the MeLuna but it leaked even more! Leaking was not due to cup being too full. Both were comfortable and no problems removing. I thought about femmycycle but I'm too scared of the very strong suction.

Any suggestions are appreciated.